Coaching Testimonials: Inspiring Positive Change

Testimonial For Adviice

"Adviice is a fantastic service for coaching/business people like me. Through Adviice, I managed to land my highest paying client. A few weeks later I landed a huge corporate client as well. They do what they say on the tin. They provide you with a way of accessing new clients - and I'd highly recommend you join."


Performance Coaching

Testimonial For Adviice

"What an easy and safe way for potential clients to find a service.


As a mental health mentor it has served me well.


I highly recommend it."


Mental Wellbeing

Testimonial For Adviice

"Fantastic and professional team. Pleasure working with Adviice. Recommend for any consultancy needs."


Digital Marketing and Web Design

Testimonial For Adviice

"Proud to be an Adviice coach.

Coaching can provide that safe space for reflection, growth, resolutions and alternate perspectives that is so important for mental health."


Counselling Psychology and NLP Practitioner

Testimoninial For A Coach

"Pascale’s contribution has been truly amazing. She has consistently helped me to really get in touch with the core of who I am." - Christine 


Transformation and Resilience Coach

Testimoninial For A Coach

I decided to book Ingrid’s coaching sessions when I was looking for a new job in the City. I thought I could benefit from a professional interview prep, as I was trying to venture into a new area which I did not necessarily have much practical experience in. Besides, there’s always fierce competition in London and one can never prepare enough. Ingrid is well-versed at what she does - she could see right through my CV and covering letter and pinpointed transferable skills I did not even know I had! She mock interviewed me and provided valuable insights. I was also impressed by her unwavering support. I can’t recommend her enough, especially to people who do not have a very clear career path or fancy a career change. I have now got just the job I wanted at an amazing global company. Very exciting!

Dr. Ingrid

Personal Development and Career Coach