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The Coaching World: Inspiring Positive Change

In addition to being a life coach, business coach or mentor, being yourself is one of the most important things you can do to be a successful life coach. Here we have articles and insights inspiring positive change for you to read through.

Breaking Life's Barriers

Coaches are able to help you if you’re struggling to break barriers in life, whether self-imposed or not. Exploring the wall, your why, and accountability.

Climbing life's wall

The Influence Of Social Media In The Modern Day

Social media has revolutionised human social interaction. Social media influences our socio-political views, purchasing decisions, and cultural views.

Social Media UK

Wellness Content By Movie Title

An evaluation of a quote in each area of focus. The articles may have a twist with the film title reference but all relate to a specific coaching area of guidance.

Netflix films

Why Should You Have A Session With An Online Coach

​It’s been shown that you are more likely to succeed when you have support and there are several reasons why you should consult an online coach.

Online coaching session

Charismatic Leadership: Building Successful Teams

How can you be a charismatic leader and build successful teams? Creating a positive company culture means there is a, better chances of meeting and exceeding any goals and targets.

Leadership In Teams

The Present Day: Our Greatest Gift

Many of us spend a great deal of time thinking about the past, or indeed the future. It’s challenging, but do we stop to consider and appreciate the present?

Be Positive

What Is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach is an experienced individual who helps those they are coaching to have self-awareness, identify goals, and unlock their potential.

Leader At Business

Why Use Meditation Techniques?

​In a stressful world, it’s easy to get caught up with anxiety. During one of these rare occasions, combat anxiety through meditation.

Online meditation

How To Have Strong Relationships With Family And Friends

The relationships you have with people may come to form your life. Positive relationships impart a positive impact on your emotions and wellbeing.

Couple in a relationship

True Potential: What Is A Growth Mindset?

We all want to achieve our definition of success. What if the primary contributor to achieving such lies within our mindset. To realise your goals, perhaps you attend seminars, read books or explore personal coaching.

Growth Mindset Benefits

What Is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance: The term "peak" refers to reaching the optimal level of any particular aspect in your life. It could be related to academic attainment, your career, your business endeavours, or something completely different.

Self Discovery