True Potential: What Is A Growth Mindset?

We all want to achieve our definition of success. What if the primary contributor to achieving such lies within our mindset. To realise your goals, perhaps you attend seminars and  read books or perhaps you experience the benefits of having a coach or mentor. There are great strategies and they very much encompass a willingness to learn and be better. But is there something else you can do to streamline the path to potential?

True Potential: What Is A Growth Mindset?

Growth Mindset: A Willingness To Learn

By actively doing the above and seeking new learning; you are on the right path to adopting a growth mindset! A willingness to learn, create and grow in everything that you do. This article will be a deep dive into the concept of having a growth mindset; and how it helps you to reach your potential.

A growth mindset is a belief in people that they can develop and grow overtime. Individuals believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others - in a pursuit of potential. In other words, they truly believe that the most important elements to success is dedication and commitment. Such individuals demonstrate flexibility and openness in their thoughts; seeing beyond the present state and believing that they can always develop as time goes on.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset: Spotting The Difference

Let’s take a look at an example of two contrasting individuals. The first is very talented and is succeeding in business. The second person is perhaps less talented and tends to admire the first individual. Yet crucially, they believe that by demonstrating commitment, effort and desire to learn; they can achieve everything they have set out to do.

Despite what many would see as limitation, the second individual has not given up and is always looking for ways on how to improve his performance. A growth mindset enables individuals to see failure as an opportunity for growth; rather than a source of disappointment and frustration. 

So many of us fear failure, which restricts our willingness to follow our dreams. But what if you could live without such fear; instead seeing setbacks as stepping stones towards reaching your potential ? (   By adopting such a mindset and mentality, you believe that basic abilities and talent are the defining factors when it comes to succeeding. A growth mindset is the ability to believe you can grow through new learning and a fearless attitude.

Growth Mindset Benefits

So why is having such a mindset so important? Now that we have explored what a growth mindset is, there is no doubt that you must be eager to find out why it is very important! Below are some of its benefits.

1. The Key Ingredient To Success

When it comes to achieving  in any field of life, there are always many factors which contribute to success. Education, financials, access to coaching or willingness to reach your true potential and  learn new skills. All of course can influence our ability to attain our goals; but the most important ingredient is hardwork and dedication. And guess what - adopting a growth mindset is the most prolific way in which you can stay dedicated to your goals.

A growth mindset enables you to see possibilities, where others simply can not. Having such a positive mindset uplifts your spirit and indeed the lives of those around you - which seems like a win-win to us.

2. Overcoming Obstacles

Throughout our lives, we face obstacles on a daily basis. Sometimes these feel like small hurdles, but sometimes they feel like mountains blocking our path to success!  Do you know that having a growth mindset can change such perceptions? Learning new skills and working on an important project can be demanding and it's easy for us to start to feel discouraged at times. Those without a fixed mentality may become unstuck at the slightest obstacles that come their way - potentially even giving up! But by having a growth mindset, you view such obstacles as an opportunity for growth, overcoming challenges through innovative thinking and taking such experiences into the future.

3. Better Creativity

With a growth mindset, you are focused on your holistic journey to achieving your potential according to As a result, you likely feel more comfortable in environments where you are encouraged to demonstrate creative thinking. You are not bounded by preconceived frameworks of life, business and positive relationships. Instead you welcome new ideas, aware to the fact that this can only present new learning opportunities. Yes, it is important to have a direction and ways of working which have proven successful previously - but having an openness  to creativity will only open new doors.

If you look at individuals who lead the latest innovations around the world today, they are creative spirits who welcome new learning. Without a doubt, such innovators have adopted a growth mindset. They will have experienced triumphs and tribulations on their road to success, evidence of their persistence.

The beauty around this topic is that a growth mindset can be harnessed and continually developed by anyone - regardless of background and previous experiences. 

Coaches and mentors can support the adoption of a growth mindset, many of whom you can find across our platform.

Self Improvement: How To Better Yourself

A core reason as to why individuals actively adopt a growth mindset comes from an intrinsic motivation to become the best version of themselves. There are numerous habits you can develop which enable you to operate at peak performance; accelerating your progress.

To be the best version of yourself, you must have the courage to identify what is missing. This can involve evaluating your habits, thoughts and motivations. If you understand yourself, you can identify your goals and begin to establish habits which enable you to become the best version of yourself. Here are some top tips for achieving such.

1. Start With Smiling More

To begin the journey of bettering yourself, start with a small effort; smile more.  According to research, when you smile, you signal satisfaction to your mind, improving your mood and enhancing your ability to collaborate with others.

2. Be Present in Every Moment

Living in the present is increasingly challenging; whether it be reminders, notification or indeed our thoughts; drawing us in to dwell on the past or daydream over the future. Being in the present moment is to be mindful and aware of what is happening now. This allows us to practice gratitude as well as make better decisions.

3. Forgive Your Past And Negativity

Holding onto issues and past mistakes can hold us back from flourishing. Such negativity can really restrict our ability to perform, and more importantly, it’s not good for our emotional wellbeing. Perhaps easier said than done, but its incredibly important that each and every one of us does not hold onto negativity from the past. Instead, we should focus our time and energy on the positives in each situation in order to become the best, most authentic version of ourselves.

4. Take Risks

As they say, no risk no reward. In order to achieve the extraordinary, opportunities must be capitalised on; even if it feels as though it is a risk. Some decisions are perceived as “risky” due to the fear we have of failure. But by being aware that fear often defines whether we start that dream business or pursue that sporting feat, you will be able to evaluate opportunities with better clarity.

5. Be Honest

Being honest with yourself and others is always the best approach. It encourages you to take responsibility, and enables feedback frameworks to be established. Honestly will allow you to remain authentic throughout your pursuit in being the best version of yourself

6. Have Balance In Life

When working on a project you are passionate about, it’s often a challenge to find a work life balance and a career coach could be the answer. By establishing a routine, you will be able to allocate periods where you can focus on your personal development outside work. This also allows you to focus on your personal relationships with loved ones - an area in which a relationship coach can also help you with.

7. Love Yourself

Perhaps as important as any of the above is the ability to love and value yourself. Refrain from being hypercritical and appreciate the progress you are able to make. Be proud of your willingness to improve; appreciate the landmarks in your journey to becoming the best version of you.

A Bright Future With A Growth Mindset

This article has explored how you can look to be the best version of yourself, by developing a growth mindset and adopting small habits which have a positive impact on your wellbeing and performance. Keep improving, trust the process and chase what you love.

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