Spotlight On Mental Wellbeing. How The Outside Light Becomes Big Noise.

Mental Wellbeing Abstract


Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach

Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach

I was drawn to write this piece after the recent views expressed by many on Simone Biles, the awesome gymnast who made the decision to withdraw from the competition at the Olympics. 

For some, it’s about being courageous by putting yourself first. For others, it’s a case of this competition that comes about every four years what is the point of giving up now. 

The outside noise giving advice on someone they don’t know nor do they know the challenges going on within that person’s head the danger they could put themselves in physically by continuing. You will find that people who say continue to gain success no matter the cost don’t see themselves ever being in this position. The mind is invisible so only the holder can feel and know what’s going and there lies the dilemma. 

Humans naturally work on the premise of having the right to know. Mental Health has a stigma attached to it despite huge improvements being made we are not quite there yet. The History of mental health in the eighteen century lead to individuals being treated inhumanely relegated to asylums, prisons, or almshouses. The belief that these people were possessed demonically, taking a religious view using barbaric methods to treat them such as electric shock. 

Our own minds at times work on the fact that celebrities or those in the spotlight have no worries because of the media attention afforded the talent they possess and the financial rewards from sponsors. They become the superhero constantly pleasing the outside world and lose their authentic self. 

Where can you be flawless and ok? 

I commend Simone for her decision to hold on to who she is by inserting a comma sign as a pause and not placing a full stop on herself. Mental health should always be the top priority as the brain is the organ responsible for all of what we do so keeping it in good order shouldn’t be a problem. 

Simone has publically stated that her mental health has not been good. Her life has been extremely challenging for a twenty-four-year-old living on the planet. I generally love the stance young people are taking care of themselves by acknowledging and getting the support required professionally or otherwise. This can aid a world of humility and compassion that embraces healing because I not only see you but also care for you. Along with this can we have CBT programmes for young people not because something has gone wrong but because everyone needs insight into themselves and tools available to push through. 

We all have a brain and our responses to life events are different. Long endurance of hurt within and not dealing with it eventually weighs down the heart. This can have implications for our physical wellbeing. 

Think simplistically and see it as clearing and cleansing as you see fit. 

Food For Thought: 

Read books on the mind and how it works. 

Have regular intervals of brain pause - allow it to just be with no judgement. 

Learn to tune into it. 

Speak to someone who is supportive or professional. 

Give a score to the thoughts that constantly abuse the mind. 

Journal about how you can treat those thoughts. 

Journal – on the good thoughts and remember to action them in everyday life. 

Be kind to the mind after all it’s the only one you’ll have.


Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach

Life Coach and Health Wellbeing Coach

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