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Executive Coach & Career Coach

Executive Coach & Career Coach

We are starting to see the end of quarantine remote work in the near future. While it is good, that we are getting back to work as a country, the question is: 

Do you want to go back to the office? 

If you have relished this “great pause” from the daily grind of commutes, office, meetings, and obligatory office birthday cakes, there is hope. Here are a few steps to turn your quarantine work from home to a more beneficial and lasting situation. 

✅ Start by having an honest conversation with your boss NOW while you are working from home. 

✅ Ask about your performance over the past month or so. There is a very high chance they will give you high marks in their feedback (partially because they too feel a little guilty about their ability to focus on you as an employee). 

✅ Find ways to increase regular reporting to your boss to increase transparency. Ensure to maintain consistency and ask for feedback on the reports. You may also manage up with a weekly email outlining: What you have done What you are working on What do you anticipate needing from them in the next week or so.

✅ Based on their positive feedback, ask for advice from your boss about remote work. Highlight your greater ability to focus, explain that you have found you put commute time back to work priorities, and show that you have a greater output. Ask questions like: How can we capitalize on this experience? Are they open to a trial of continued work from home over the next month? How about designating a few days a week for a trial? (if the latter was hard to achieve) 

✅ Be open to their response but persistent. 

If they want to try in the future but not now, hold them to that. Keep bringing it up. Remember that you are the talent and they usually do NOT want to do your job for you.

 I would like to hear how it goes! 

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Executive Coach & Career Coach

Executive Coach & Career Coach

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