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Women`s Life/Mindset Coach

 Women`s Life/Mindset  Coach

"Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice" ~ Bob Proctor 

The joy and excitement that you felt years ago has left the chat. 

Now you find it difficult to grasp that the job, opportunity, or even person that once brought you so much satisfaction, fulfillment, and ecstatic joy can`t even raise one pore in your body anymore. Let's be completely honest, you at first when this started you denied it, thought you were just having a momentary lapse of reason. You may have stifled it, denied it, or even disappointed that you could even entertain such a thought . 

I know, I hear you. What`s that? Even those you trust told you that it was nothing and you`re probably just under `ah lil stress`. It didn`t help, did it? Oh, bless their sweet heart, they meant well, they love you. But perhaps they just did not have the right words or tools or experience to guide you. 

Then you had that epiphany moment when you could no longer deny that this was not a fleeting thought, it was not your imagination getting the better of you. There is an inner voice that is trying to tell you that something is not quite right. There is something that needs to be fixed, upgraded, removed, and brought to a point where you can be at your optimal best in this phase of your life. 

You see, as we progress through the years everything that we use or know of has been upgraded, improved, reinvented, remodeled, or rebuilt to suit the times we are in and what these times require. The automobile, telephone, staircases, cooking utensils, appliances are just a few things which have drastically changed over the last fifty years. We, as humans, who are perched at the top of the pecking order list are not exempt from this. This is the word~ evolve. People evolve, situations evolve, the economy evolves, the world at large evolves. The end result of evolution is change. Many people are afraid of change and thus hesitate or even outright turn away from making changes. 

In the end, change begins within ourselves. It begins with upgrading those inner strengths to get them to the point where it best serves us. Change also involves decluttering and removing that which no longer serves us. This includes physical, emotional, and mental clutter. 

So you see my friend, it was not just you. However, to get on the other side of this valley will take decisive action from you. The good news is that it is possible. Let`s make that change happen together. 

Hi all, I`m Marsha. As a life coach, my passion is to help ambitious women to achieve success as well as balance by finding purpose through working on Mind-set, Confidence, Goal Achievement and Femininity. 

Did the scenario in this article resonate with you? 

Is there some inner strength you are interested in rebuilding in your life? 

Schedule an appointment with me, let`s have an initial session, explore if we`re the right fit and then set the wheels in motion for your change.

 I took that leap of faith and closed off a twenty-five-year career in education to step fully into the world of Coaching and Consulting as well as being an author and motivational speaker/host of a television segment. Now, I do what I love with the support of my life partner Richard, our three girls, and a close circle of like-minded friends.


Women`s Life/Mindset Coach

 Women`s Life/Mindset  Coach

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