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Fertility and Men's Health

Fertility and Men's Health

Are you both equally trying for a baby?

Interestingly, when it comes to infertility of couples struggling to conceive, much of the focus is on the woman. 

My experience is that she will do the research, maybe take-up meditation, go on a boost Fertility diet, etc. basically she is the one who goes into productive mode whilst the man generally falls into the supportive mode. If we can understand why that is and look to change the dynamics, maybe, just maybe, couples could avoid a journey of pain and disappointment.

Gentlemen take notes!  Medical researchers have found that men today produce half the sperm that man could 100 years back and only 4 to 10% of that counts as normal sperm. Mate, the next time you clock in, make sure you maintained your tools first for high-quality results. Yes, I am saying, just having sex is less likely going to work if those little fellas (sperm) are neglected a healthy lifestyle.  I believe when a male fertility test is undertaken and the results are normal, the responsibility ways heavily on to the partner and that’s just insane. The man has an equal responsibility to his fertility as the health of the sperm is affected by its environment, fitness, food, mindset (mental health), and medication, all of which can have a detrimental effect on male fertility.

Right now we are all experiencing the negative energy of 2020 and if you are not living on the moon then it is affecting you too. Man or woman balance hormones are dependent on many factors, one of those is having a healthy mindset, so pay attention to your mental health because if you don’t your body will be the victim.

For me, a woman’s body is a beautiful biological system, in my opinion, that is only appreciated when a woman gets pregnant or gives birth. So It is no wonder that she will experience low self-esteem and put herself under more pressure with guilt and stress. Even if medical intervention is at work, having a healthy mental and physical position will increase your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy pregnancy full term.

Science tells us that we are using up to 95% of our subconscious thoughts on a daily basis, and 75% of that is of negative thoughts. We have so much going on in our heads with what I describe as a battlefield, some you lose, a few of you win. It’s a horrible way of looking at life however understand that those negative thoughts that come from your subconscious thinking starting from as a toddler. Lots of our thinking and beliefs are wired in from our childhood.  

Girls were often told that they will make a great wife or mother and boys are told they could be great leaders or scientists. Of course much is changing and most of us don’t put up with that kind of rubbish anymore, and about time too. I can guarantee any Women of today will have unknowingly had the pressure of having their own children passed on to them by parents, friends, and even teachers. 

‘’When you have your own children you will understand’’ which is a classic saying! I’m sure you have heard better ones, but bloody hell it’s no wonder more women struggle to conceive if they are already under pressure before they have even started.  Let’s approach infertility for what it is, the complexity of mysteries. Professionals coaches, Doctors, etc can help however it’s very important to understand that they are providing the fundamental parts like the corners of a puzzle, it’s down to the couple to complete it.  

When I’m helping couples who are struggling to conceive I introduce the science of wellbeing by creating happy emotions and strong mindset all of which contribute to developing and maintaining a healthy positive relationship with or without children.  We hear a lot about being on a journey, my role is to create an environment for couples to share a journey equally by providing them a map and compass, without these tools you could end up going round in circles, with the feeling of just being lost


Fertility and Men's Health

Fertility and Men's Health

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