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Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Have you ever been ostracised?


Sometimes this is the weapon of choice for cliques who need office politics in large or small doses, to "make it through the day."


Have you been ostracised in your family or at work?


I recall a colleague asking in frustration after acting in ways and saying a number of things to tease out hurt or some frustrated response, “Can’t you see I’m bullying you, don't you know how the game is played?”

It frustrated her that I was completely unfazed by her shenanigans.

I calmly responded, “Can’t you see it would take two to play that game and I’m clearly not playing.”


The laughter that was supposed to ring out to reinforce insult, was dished out to her liberally instead. It all happened so quickly that the lookers-on, could not retract their mistimed laughter. Those who thought they were gonna laugh at the damage of what was anticipated as her punchline, belched out laughter at a point which was now not in support of her ploy. Guess they had some damage control to do! And I guess there are other forces at work, offering a golden lifeline of rescue.


Deep coaching helped me to spot the point at which this particular door was opened in my life. Yes, you guessed it! During childhood. Through reflection, I could also see the pattern and ways it repeated over the years. But it seemed some unseen force took on the mandate to keep that door opened and to keep it going.


Is it possible to tackle those forces and close unwanted doors and cycles? Yes, absolutely!


It may take deep coaching to identify and close the doors of ostracism or bullying, to unearth the narrative being ostracised scripted over time, to shift mindset and emotive ties, as well as rewrite a new script. However, it is an investment and journey, well worth it.

Deep coaching makes transformation, the true inner work, the true personal development, possible.


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Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

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