Spotting and Closing Unwanted Opened Doors 2 Stagnation and Delay

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Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Where does stagnation show up in your life?

In your relationships, finances, friendships, dreams, and plans?


What’s the point at which the door of stagnation and delay was opened in your life?

In childhood, rebellious teen years, at the onset of a toxic relationship, an unkind word uttered via someone in authority or someone you admired?


How are your thoughts on collusion with the repeated stagnation- delay cycle?


What are the unseen forces or laws that keep stagnation rooted in place over your circumstances?

Ignorance, lack of motivation, laziness, fear?


Is there a dimension in which stagnation cannot exist?

Who will you have to be in order to function in/from the realm where stagnation cannot cohabit?

Would you have to change your internal script to change the dimension from which you operate?


Stagnation-the state of not growing or moving, lack of activity growth or development. (Google).


What does your innate blueprint for overcoming stagnation and delay say?

Do you know? Are you aware of how to pull this out of yourself?

If that aspect of your blueprint is your saviour in this regard, have you activated the saviour?


Caveat, not everything that looks like delay is. It could be process at play. Like the process of constructing a building before you can inhabit it or peeling a pineapple before you can consume it.

Some things must go through a set process and will take time.

But, how can you tell the difference between stagnation or due process?

Does the thread of stagnation run through many segments of your life or is there seeming delay in just one or two aspects?


Explore, learn and unlock the spiritual awareness that allows you to function from the place of increased spiritual wholeness. That place where stagnation cannot reside. A place housed by your secure identity.


Through awareness, intentional steps may be taken to break the stagnation harness.


Your acceleration is within you. Unlock it and move!

Wishing you a progressive day!


I help individuals who are seeking increased emotional and spiritual wholeness design a blueprint to a fulfilling life through one-to-one and small group coaching.


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Christian Co-Creative Transformation Coach.


High-achievers who have invisible roadblocks work with me to gain clarity, become unstuck, take action and thrive, while increasing emotional and spiritual wholeness.



Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

Personal Development and Mindset Transformation Coach

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