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Women`s Life/Mindset Coach

 Women`s Life/Mindset  Coach

“I never lose, I either win or learn” ~ Nelson Mandela 

For everything, there is a season and a purpose for everything under the sun. 

Today I received some news which I did not expect at that time. Now, it amazed me how I received the news. Notice I said received not reacted. If this were years ago I would have reacted with some sort of outburst, cry, anger, shock, something audible and perhaps dramatic. Instead, I paused from what I was doing and looked within my mind to gather my thoughts. I asked myself, "How do I really feel about this?" (All that Neuro-Linguistic Programming training at work!) 

I was not angry I was not sad. I felt a sense of relief. Yes, relief. 

This thing which I wanted years ago, which I stressed over for years, which played on my emotions and put me on an emotional roller coaster for years had now come full circle. It was not for me. 

The curtain was ready to be drawn down on the things which filled my life for the last few years and it was time to put these in the archives. 

I look at my situation now and there is so much clarity. Now, I see the true intentions of people. I am grateful for that because now I can identify where the landmines are as I peruse through these treacherous lands. 

Doors will close and others will open. 

Change is inevitable, scary, mysterious, and exciting all at the same time. As I examine my life and I am grateful for the wonderful life I live now. I have my Source leading the way, I have found purpose with helping people be a better version of themselves, my kids are well adjusted and have a positive outlook, there are less stressful situations to deal with, I engage in healthy activities and I have the love of my life as my biggest supporter. 

What more could I ask for! 

So, now it`s time to put the memorabilia of this era into a time capsule, mark it as done, and bury it. It was a time of tough lessons that challenged me and I learnt, "Hey! I am tougher than that !" 

Along the journey of life, we will encounter several new situations, some we will call `opportunity` some we will call obstacles, setbacks, or failures. The perspectives from which we look at it is deeply dependent on our mindset. It is possible to develop your mindset to transform your outlook on situations in your life. 

I am ready to step into the next phase. Are you?

Get ready. Here I come! Light, 

Love and Life. 

(Photo by Sydney Dass, talented photographer and my daughter) 

Hi all, I`m Marsha. As a life coach, my passion is to help ambitious women to achieve success as well as balance by finding purpose through working on Mind-set, Confidence, Goal Achievement and Femininity. Did the scenario in this article resonate with you? Is there some inner strength you are interested in rebuilding in your life? Schedule an appointment with me, let`s have an initial session, explore if we`re the right fit and then set the wheels in motion for your change. Book a session with Marsha I took that leap of faith and closed off a twenty-five-year career in education to step fully into the world of Coaching and Consulting as well as being an author and motivational speaker/host of a television segment. Now, I do what I love with the support of my life partner Richard, our three girls, and a close circle of like-minded friends.


Women`s Life/Mindset Coach

 Women`s Life/Mindset  Coach

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