The Wonder of Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence


Holistic Coaching and Therapy

Holistic Coaching and Therapy

“What you seek is seeking you” (Rumi)

Working on oneself on a deep level gives us the opportunity to connect or reconnect to our true aspirations. It also allows us to identify any valuable resources that we might need in order to achieve our goals.

By becoming more aligned with our dreams and by trusting the process leading us to the manifestation of these, we can naturally open up to the law of attraction.

The journey takes courage, determination, willingness and patience.

I’ve just experienced once again the magic of interconnection as the platform Adviice crossed my path just at the right time.

This platform represents a concrete example of collective intelligence, of people looking in the same direction and coming together to make a meaningful impact into the world in their own creative way.

Conor and Sam, the cofounders of this fantastic project have inspired me to join the movement and carry on offering my services of coaching and therapy to others at the time where everything we took for granted is being challenged.

It feels good to be surrounded by other individuals who offer their own service of expertise.  Isn’t it what community spirit is all about?

Life will find a way if you let it be!  … Do you feel the call of change yet?


Holistic Coaching and Therapy

Holistic Coaching and Therapy

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