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Akanksha Kulkarni

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

Health & Wellness

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

UK, India, Bahrain, USA

Akanksha Kulkarni

United Kingdom


As a part of my career I have conducted weight loss awareness programs in Bahrain, Dubai and India.

I have been consulting many celebrities and models from Indian background.

My expertise is weightloss coaching through nutrition. I believe in understanding the client's psychology and emotional state and help the person to achieve the right nutritional goals.


I have done MSc. in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (2009) from Mumbai.

I did a Diploma Clinical Weightloss coaching (2019) from United Kingdom.

I have 13 years of work experience as a Nutritionist.

I have been consulting many clients globally through my online portal Diet for U for the last 7 years.

Area Of Expertise

Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

Working Hours

Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm



Hourly Rate

Fees £40 per month

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