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Career Change Mindset Coach



Career Change Mindset Coach


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Going through a personalized program with me, we will discover your goals, focus on what is stopping you from achieving them, and work on overcoming these blockers in order to reach true joy and career fulfilment.

We will work on your mindset, so you no longer limit your career options due to the fact that you have other responsibilities at home.

Being in a career transition is not a curse, and it shouldn't stop you from reaching your career goals. We will look at your local job market, to have the knowledge about what is on offer and what would be the best choice for you! We will look at your CV, your network, and the ideal work schedule that can meet your individual needs.

NO MORE - "easy apply" for 30 jobs a day. We will set a specific target and go for it!!! So you work in the right role and for the right company.

We will use NLP and breathing techniques to identify your unconscious beliefs, the ones that are more stubborn, the ones that have the most impact on your mindset, and day to day activities. We will then work to overcome them, and replace them with more empowering beliefs, the ones which will push you forward and allow you to see yourself in a totally new light. As a confident, strong person who can go for what really matters.

We will select the most suitable exercises you can then practice at home, that will help you continue with the momentum and keep growing professionally and personally.


Certified Coach (The Clique Coaching Academy, ICF Accredited)

NLP Master Practitioner

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Career Change Mindset Coaching

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