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Alpa Kapadia Teli

Leadership and Life Coach



Leadership and Life Coach


Alpa Kapadia Teli



I really enjoy working with Hi-potential leaders to help them discover and embrace their own unique leadership style and really achieve professional and personal excellence. I help Women Leaders, as well as women who want to get back to work, helping them to break their own internal barriers.

I am a Human Resource & Leadership Development thought leader and have written many articles on personal development and growth in organizations. Through holistic coaching, I use tools that help my clients progress in all areas of their lives joyfully and harmoniously.

I coach and train Leaders and executives from all sectors at a Mid Senior Leadership Level. These clients include high potential leaders from companies like Godrej, Schneider Electric, RBS, Mahindra Finance, QED Capital, CNBC among others. I also enjoy coaching CEOs of SME's and start-ups and evolved professionals too who want to play a more active role in their own growth.

I use a unique approach, which combines, mind, body, spirit to help clients make powerful personal transformations - which results in significant improvement in their Leadership style, and professional and personal lives.

I also have a widespread online presence across social media. I support women through my Facebook Lives on relevant topics and issues - through a closed Facebook group called Radiant Women Rise. My message to them is that You don't need to be bigger or better; you need to be more of who you really are!

I love writing and read one book a week. I enjoy traveling, dancing, self-development and consciously parenting my two children. And I rejuvenate by being with nature and refuelling the soul through dancing and meditation.


Professionally Certified Leadership & Life Coach (ACC, ICF Certified, by Peter Reding, MCC, USA, Life Fulfilment Coaching Model), Trainer and Motivational Speaker.

Art of Living Teacher and trained to teach Edward de Bono's lateral thinking tools.

Founder of Ignite the Spark offering one on one coaching, group coaching experiences as well as digital courses.

Expertise and offerings on Shadow Mastery, Self-Mastery and Leadership Development and Career Transition.

I have led Talent Management, Leadership Development and Succession Planning for Godrej Leaders from 2007-2010.

Awarded the 101 Top Global coaching Leaders award for contribution to the Coaching Arena and was a Speaker at the World Coaching Congress in February 2019 and 2020 consecutively.

Area Of Expertise

Leadership, Relationships, Culture, Self-Mastery.

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Monday - Friday, 10am - 5pm



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