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Transformation Coach

London, UK

Anastasia Attiki
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Feeling overwhelmed, full of anxiety and worry all the time is exhausting! I know, I used to be that person.

Until I realized that to overcome overwhelm you can't just apply some tips and remedies. You need to look at why you keep finding yourself in that state.

My programme focuses on what is uniquely important to you and looks at what mental and emotional aspects keep you in a state of overwhelm.

I spent a lot of time and effort looking into this. What I discovered was that as long I as I was filling my life and career with things to do, and following well meaning advice from others, I was trapped.

I was only able to break the cycle when using the methods I use in my programme, I found what was important to me and worked through my fears and emotional blocks, so I could feel in control of my life and carve out a path that fulfilled me.

I guide you through the same process so you can get to the cause (not the symptoms) of overwhelm and change your life once and for all.



MA Communication

Certificate in Education - Teacher Training

Diploma in Life Coaching - International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM)

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Member of The Association of Ethical & Professional Hypnotherapists

Healing NLP Practitioner

RTT Practitioner

Area Of Expertise

Overcoming Overwhelm

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