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Andrew Horne

Financial Coach and Planner


Financial Coach and Planner

St Albans, UK

Andrew Horne

United Kingdom


Are you seeking clarity on whether you have reached a point of financial independence and can slow down, retire or do something else? Curious as to how much is enough?

Do you find that you are always at work and would like to model if it is feasible to spend more time with the family without the risk of running out of money?

Are you seeking your future life to be more meaningful but unsure how and would like to explore how to achieve this?

Do you feel worried that your loved ones may not be financially secure in the event of your premature death or severe ill-health?

If any of this resonates, then I can help:-

My big passion and what inspires me is helping clients answer their big questions in life:-

~ How much is enough?

~ When can I stop work and ensure time spent with the family is more memorable?

~ What do I REALLY enjoy doing and what are my life passions?

~ How do I create a stress-tested financial plan ensuring I don't run out of money?

I work with a variety of clients, who are often contemplating a change in their lives seeking clarity and reassurance.

With 22 years of experience, I provide a life centred financial planning service which is not about advising on financial products but about you, your family, your life and how you can achieve your dreams ensuring that you live as fulfilling a life as possible.

The financial planning approach is a structured process:-

~ Discovery meeting building a picture of what is important to you and what are your life goals

~ Consolidation meeting collating the background and understanding your plan, how does it all fit together? Is it all on track? What is not working?

~ Advice meeting Modelling your life plan and your what if scenarios leading to a bespoke financial plan so you can move forwards

~ Implementation - if required as the greatest value lies in preceding stages.

I tend to work with the majority of clients on an ongoing basis but that is only if this is what is sought and aligned to your needs.

I undertake all I do in a caring way, that ensures that your interests are always held in upmost priority and take this responsibility very seriously.

If you are curious and interested in learning more, please feel free to drop me a message here.


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Financial Coach / Financial Planner

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