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Angela Wilken

Mindfulness Coach

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Mindfulness Coach


Angela Wilken

United Kingdom


Hello my name is Angela and I am a fully qualified (MBSR) mindfulness based stress reduction coach.

It was during a very stressful time in my life that I turned to mindfulness and after seeing the benefits that mindfulness brought to my life - being more productive and focussed, improved business and personal relationships, less stress, improved well-being and the ability to remain calm when dealing with stressful situations - I decided to train as a mindfulness coach.

When not coaching I love cooking and having friends round for dinner, enjoy being outdoors cycling, skiing and kayaking and wild swimming.


I regularly deliver mindfulness for wellbeing workshops/courses to corporate and private clients, both online and face to face. I also host residential mindfulness retreats for small groups and individual ranging from 2 - 7 days.

Topics that I cover are:
Managing & Coping with Stress & Anxiety
Dealing with Difficult Thoughts
Managing your Emotions
Compassion and Kindness
Living Mindfully
Mindfulness for Wellbeing
And a whole lot more!

What my clients say

5 star review from Carolyn (Carolyn had face to face coaching):
I embarked on the 8 week mindfulness course to help me stop sweating the small stuff. It has been a truly life affirming and enhancing experience. With most things in life, the more you put into an endeavour the more you get out of it. I have discovered self care and I'm much happier. Angela has provided the space and the tools needed to embrace the true essence of mindfulness. A big thank you to Angela.

5 star review from Donna (Donna was on a one-to-one retreat):
Just had an amazing weekend, came home totally relaxed, having been well catered for, experienced some fabulous mindfulness exercises with gorgeous views. Angela is very warm and accepting, the accommodation was of a high standard, the food was amazing, and the mindfulness work combined with treatments made a very special weekend. I will be back.

FB review from a corporate client:
Had a unscheduled one to one with Angela and it has blown my mind made me question how I live my life and what I have to do going forward. I can honestly say I went in a sceptic but wow what an experience. Thank you so very much.

Area Of Expertise

Stress Management, Health & Wellness, Mindfulness for your Wellbeing

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm


FaceTime, Telephone Call, Zoom

Hourly Rate

£65 for one-to-one and £150 for groups

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