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Personal Development and Mindset Coach



Personal Development and Mindset Coach

Hampshire, UK

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Personal development is key to advancing toward greater fulfilment. I believe in coaching this area including (identity, unlocking purpose + vision, improving relationships and emotional wellbeing) to help clients achieve their goals and gain greater contentment. I incorporate Biblical principles within the coaching process for those whose faith play a major role in how they do life.

I am a trained Executive Co-creative Transformational Coach.

I have coached, mentored , counselled and taught within educational settings, charities and churches within the UK and internationally over the past Twenty-four years.


Co-creative Transformation Coach

BA Guidance and Counselling

Area Of Expertise

Personal Development Coach & Mindset Coach

Working Hours

Full days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 10am - 5pm

Monday & Thursdays: 2pm-6pm

Fridays: 10am - 2pm


Zoom, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

Estimated fee £120