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Ashley Hughes

Coach and Consultant


Coach and Consultant

Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire

Ashley Hughes

United Kingdom


Is this your corporate life?

- 30% of working professionals have poor recovery.
- Less than 60% of their sleep includes recovery.
- More than 30% of workdays have 0 minutes of recovery.
- Productivity decreases by 5-33% when you work when fatigued.

Elite athletes who compete at the highest levels on a global stage look after themselves in order to perform.​

Elite executives are required to compete at the highest levels on a global stage too, so why don't they look after themselves in the same way?

A healthy mind in a healthy body.

- My business exists to build peak performing individuals, teams & organisations through unlocking their potential & maximise their performance.

I believe human performance is deeply personal and so I adapt to you, not the other way round. I care more for my partners and go all in, every time. As a practitioner, my work is evidence based using academic rigour to underpin what I do whilst appreciating interconnectivity and interdependency. I focus beyond a pay cheque, if I'm not the right fit, I will let you know.

Don't take my word for it. Here are a few recommendations:

"I am writing this personal recommendation at the end of my participation in an AGILE Leadership programme where Ashley was the co-lead and personal coach for us attendees.

Ashley's passion for coaching shows in the way he challenged us by asking thought-provoking questions and sharing great life lessons for us to further learn and be inspired. He creates an environment of trust and openness which is key to being a great coach and his listening skills meant I always felt supported and encouraged to try different approaches. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashley and will come back to his shared insights again and again."

"Ash is an incredibly gifted coach. I learned more in a few hours with him than I have in the last 15 years on leadership and executive presence.

Ashley created space to be curious, challenged some old assumptions I carried, eventually helping me uncover my answer to the situation, and held me accountable to my own commitments.

Wherever you are in your life's journey, stop and book a call with Ash. You won't regret a second of it."

How can I help?

If you want to talk more about human peak performance, the corporate wellness or leadership coaching then feel free to reach out to me.


21 years of applied leadership, development & performance at elite levels within the most demanding environments in the World.

I have been a part of, led and developed peak performing individuals and teams in niche strategic operational roles.

Performance coaching since 2006, from sport through to the corporate world and beyond.

Pro-bono coaching & mentoring for professional women's networks.

Area Of Expertise

Leadership, Human Performance

Working Hours

Tue-Thu, 0800-2200


Google Meet/Hangouts, Telephone Call, Zoom

Hourly Rate

To Be Discussed

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