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Audreia Josephs

Forgiveness Stragist (The Art of Letting Go)




Forgiveness Stragist (The Art of Letting Go)

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Audreia Josephs

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Audreia Joseph is an author with over 25 years of Forgiveness and Intervention Strategy, Life Coach, and motivational speaker.

She teaches the Art of Forgiveness as a way to live life and as a pathway of releasing and reconnecting. She is a trained counselor since 1992, who has experience in social work.

Her career has taken her across the United Kingdom, where, as a workshop facilitator and coach, she invests a lot of time encouraging parents and families to support their children as well as women in prisons.
Her professional experience and journey have also led her to develop a keen interest in the empowerment of herself and others. The powerful work that she is doing in and around the United Kingdom is gaining a new audience worldwide.

Some of her projects include work with or to include:
*Prison Link -While at Prison Link, she was asked to join the board for the 'Action for Prisoners and Families', a group set up through the Princess Diana Memorial Trust.
*Commonwealth Games, where she met HRH Prince Edward, The Duke of Wessex, and his wife Sophie, The *Countess of Wessex, and the former US Envoy, Terry Waite.
*The Samaritans to help and listen to vulnerable or suicidal people.
*Nation of Islam Women

Accomplishments Include:
- Appointed as an Ambassador for the international speaker Lisa Nichols event 2017
- Has written an overview excerpt in a book called 'The Mango Girl,' which is about to become a Hollywood movie. 2017
- Trustee on 'The Mango Girl foundation 2017, which is a foundation for homeless and abused girls/women, also domestic abuse.
- Released 1st book in February 2016. 'Forgiveness, The Journey to Healing the Heart.'
- 2nd book released November 2016. The Journey to Purpose. Anthology with 15 other authors. Book foreword by the USA top author, motivator, and empowerment speaker Lisa Nichols.
- Featured twice in the Huffington Post
- Ambassador for the ET (Eric Thomas) London event 2016
- Featured on BBC WM, and various radio and podcast programmes 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
- A 2 page news article in the Voice Newspaper 2016
- Won Womanhood Global Recognition, best author award. Nominee for the Bexlive author of colour 2016 & 2018.
- Appointed Vice- Chair-Woman for 'Away Forward' origination 2018
- Ambassador for Peace Award, Through Woman's Federation for World Peace 2018
- Director for 'Teen Girls Networking' 2018. In the same year, we won a Bex Live award.
- Spoke on the same platform as Birmingham former Mayor Andy Street. An associate of ALL Ladies League (ALL), the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a global conference format for fostering empowering conversations and connections among women committed to promoting constructive change in ALL walks of life. 2018
- Ambassador for Courageous Kids Awards 2018
- Associate for Goals Driven. She presently works with Goal-Driven through the Pat Benson Boxing Academy. They support young people from The Princes' Trust. She hosts self-confidence, self-love, and affirmation workshops with this group of young people.
- 2019. Director for 'The Mango Girl CIC. Working with women who have experienced domestic violence.
- 2019. Director and CEO of 'After Prison Restoration.' Set up to support women who have been through the prison system.
- 2020. Working in connection with A Vision CIC. Empowering women through conversation.
- 2020. Nanny Wraps. Hair accessories and adornments.
- 2021. 100 Entrepreneurs. An anthology coffee table book.


Councillor degree, University of Birmingham.
Coaching diploma.
NLP training.

Area Of Expertise

Forgiveness coaching from a non religious perspective.

Working Hours

Flexible but please reach out to me via the form below for us to work out a time that suits you.


Zoom, Skype, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£100 but it is dependent on you requirements

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