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Beverley Sankey

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Wellness Mentor

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Beverley Sankey

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My passion is to help people take simple easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle. To show you how to refocus your habits on eating and living consciously.

Working with me also provides you with a community of healthy living enthusiasts that you can connect with and where you can flourish into the best version of you.

My coaching guides you through each step because we're in this together and healthy looks great .

My 30 Day Arbonne Essentials signature programme and my 90 Day coaching objectives are to help you form healthy habits and a healthy eating regime focusing on regularly eating whole foods and balanced meals of complete protein, carbohydrates and non starchy vegetables ,nutrient dense plant based foods .

Omitting inflammatory foods, limiting empty calories and highly processed foods and then creating a journey "Beyond "the 30 days where developing a positive open mindset is key to establishing and maintaining change.

My holistic approach to wellness starts with clean ingredients and great habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Product range can be seen on my site (


My experience as a traditional business owner in manufacturing for over 28 years alongside my property and other investments , led to a lightbulb moment in 2012 where I decided to use my underlying long-term health knowledge that I had gained through research for over 30 years due to suffering with ME and to create a business where helping others to realise good health was rewarding and was my key driver to make a huge change in my life.

I partner with Arbonne a 40 year old Company that has now obtained Cat B status because:

- The ethics are aligned ,people and planet before profit.

- The products are safe and non toxic and provide people with safe options.

- The part time income business opportunity attached by simply referring this safer lifestyle and amazing results driven products to people we care about.

- The Community where people can connect and belong to a positive community of likeminded caring people where we add value to the lives of others.

- Where people can grow and flourish and thrive as the result of a particularly favourable environment.

You are not just what you eat but in actual fact what you absorb.
And that includes how you feed your mind. I promote a balance between mind, body and skin with a holistic approach to self care - creating a sense of overall wellbeing and helping to tackle stress.

Book a chat. I offer a free 15 minute discovery call.

Stay happy and healthy.

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