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Cara Humphrey

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Integrated Healthcare and Nutrition

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Cara Humphrey

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Have you always wanted to know:

Why you have low energy levels?

Why it's hard for you to lose weight?

Why you struggle with your gut and digestion?

Why you keep getting sick?

Why you suffer with a mood disorder?

Why you feel anxious and overwhelmed?

Why you struggle to make the right and sustainable diet and lifestyle choices?

Our bodies DNA and genes haven't changed, but our environment and food has changed. We live with a constant stress load that has changed the way our bodies and genes react and respond. The chronic stress creates a domino effect and sets us up for burnout and related chronic conditions. Our coping mechanism causes a breakdown in our body's communication systems and pathways. All these health conditions and diseases are not resolved by taking pills or surgery. - What's needed is a Holistic Reset and Restore plan The challenge for most people is they don't know how to get their health back. There is often poor communication between health professionals. And the process often feels overwhelming. There is also a lot of wasted time and frustration. This is why many people feel disillusioned and abandoned in their search to regain their health.

My team and I run 6-week or 12-week programs with clients. As the Integrated Health Practitioner, I am also the health coach. The experience is personal. The personalised approach establishes trust, openness and removes your frustration. We also work with client's current doctors or specialist You get faster answers which makes your journey of healing easier, so you can regain your life.


I work with clients to overcome and reverse the effects of chronic stress and related conditions.

I graduated In 1996 as a Clinical Dietician. And studied further in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have had the pleasure and honour of being the official dietician for various sports teams. From school to Olympic and Professional level contributing to their wellbeing and success in sports.

I have contributed editorials to lifestyle magazines and been a guest speaker on Talk shows. I have developed nutrition programs and courses for sports physicians as well as for training academies.

A post graduate degree in business enhanced my clinical, research and regulatory skills. This enabled me to work as a practitioner and an industry consultant for 20 years. In 2012 I studied AFMCP (Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) with the Institute of Functional medicine in the USA. More recently I have had the pleasure of lecturing complementary medicine students in applied nutrition medicine. Shaping young medical minds towards whole-body healing and disease prevention. Education in the field of Integrated health and nutrigenomics is never ending. Each patient's health story is unique. Every year new pearls of wisdom are revealed that equips us to better help and support our clients.

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Integrated Healthcare & Nutrition

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