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Caroline Hodges

Intercultural Agility Coach and International Life Coaching



Intercultural Agility Coach and International Life Coaching


Caroline Hodges
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United Kingdom


I am a coach (ICF credentialed) who supports bold young professionals to adapt, transition, and thrive in their international and intercultural lives, work, and relationships.

In one sentence, my coaching is curious, solutions-focused, appreciative, pragmatic and kind.

After a successful and rewarding academic career that enabled me to live and work in the UK, Mexico, Spain and Peru, I chose to transition full-time into coaching, facilitation and mentoring in 2019. I wanted to deepen and redefine my contribution to adult development using my unique strengths, skills and experiences to better support early-career professionals and the young at heart. I have been working with and mentoring diverse young professionals from around the globe throughout my professional life and I love my work!

My clients are eager to learn and to make things happen. They are resourceful, creative and agile. They are committed to creating change and have tremendous potential. My role is to support them to optimise this. I offer my clients a valuable space for reflection, recalibration and growth so that they can effectively navigate change with purpose and thrive in the unfamiliar.

Adopting an inclusive, systemic and strengths-based approach, I always place clients’ stories and experiences at the heart of the coaching process. This enables me to build the trust, empathy and connection necessary to collaborate with my clients as they design their own ways to move forward and create the sustainable change they wish to see for themselves, their work, and the world around them!

When I am not working, I enjoy volunteering and travelling the world…It’s even better when I can combine both! I am a singer and trained community musician and have led and coordinated projects using music, performance poetry, and storytelling to support wellbeing and facilitate dialogue and relationship-building.

I offer coaching services in both English and Spanish.

The key to any successful coaching relationship is trust. If you're interested to find out whether we are a good fit to work together, I invite you to share a 30-minute virtual coffee during which I will explain how the coaching process works and answer any questions you may have.


Naturally curious, I’ve been working in and around the world of education, facilitation, training & mentoring for 18 years+. During that time, I've designed and facilitated in-person and online programmes for a range of audiences.

The areas I have helped my coaching clients with include, but are not limited to:

- Enhancing interpersonal relationships at home and at work
- Developing strategies to create work/life balance & integration
- Gaining clarity around ways to adapt to living / working / studying abroad
- Adapting to working remotely
- Building competency in cross-cultural communication for work purposes
- How to effectively lead diverse and distributed teams
- Managing fear, uncertainty and/or imposter syndrome surrounding career
- Building connection and community in an increasingly online world
- Transitioning to a new career, work culture or job role
- Strengthening long distance relationships

Coach Training:
• International Coach Federation accredited Associate Certified Coach
• Coacharya Certified Coach – ACSTH Coach Training Program
• MENTORCOACH Training Program: Foundations (Life and Positive Psychology
• Advanced Positive Psychology Masterclass with Miriam Akhtar & Bridget Grenville-
• Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) licensing course, license issued Dec 2018

You are invited to visit my LinkedIn page for a full list of professional qualifications and experience.

Client Feedback / Testimonials:

"I worked with coach Carrie when I was facing, at the same time, two big changes in my life. I needed clarity to organize my life after retirement from a job requiring me to live abroad, and I also needed help in starting a new career. Furthermore, I needed guidance in balancing my culture of origin and my new culture after living in different countries for years.
​My own culture had changed; Coach Carrie helped me in this process of accepting my new me. We worked together to create a connection between the cultures that are now part of my own. Our sessions helped me clarify how to face the challenges these changes caused and see with more than one perspective the life waiting for me; she helped me align all these changes to my values. Now it is easy for me to plan my new path and my new career. I could not have done it by myself.
Thank you so much, Carrie, for offering such an outstanding service; I only have great things to say about you as a Coach and person. I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the changes you’ve helped me make in my life.
I would recommend Coach Carrie to anyone looking for a professional, insightful, supportive, nonjudgmental coach to get clarity, guidance, and results."

"I have come to Carrie with all sorts of conversation topics over the months we have known each other. Every single time I bring something to her, I'm happy I did. She has a great ability to keep things light, and to shine a positive light on things when need be. Regardless of how heavy or light the subject is, I'm always leaving our conversations with the feeling that it was a good use of my time, and that is priceless."

Area Of Expertise

Cultural Agility | Life Coaching | Communication Skills | Transition Coaching | Young Professionals | Social & Intercultural Intelligence | Bilingual Coach (ENG, ESP)

Working Hours

Typically, weekdays 11am-8pm; Saturdays 10am-12. Appointments outside these hours may be available on request.


FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

From £50.00 GBP

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