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Catherine Gray

Life Coaching with a Spiritual Edge



Life Coaching with a Spiritual Edge

Bristol, UK

Catherine Gray

United Kingdom


I am here to help you see change and transformation in the everyday things and in the things you feel most stuck with. I have experience in charity, education and church settings and love to see people doing what they are innately good at - fully alive and flourishing in work that brings them joy.

I’m not here to give you advice, or answers, or to fix things, but to facilitate you having the time and space to come up with your own solutions. You can expect me to be asking lots of questions, gently challenging you on the things that will bring breakthrough, and encouraging you to keep thinking things through from new perspectives.

I offer 3 types of coaching:

Strengths Alignment – you take the CliftonStrengths Assessment and then have 5+ hours with me, unpacking what you are uniquely talented in and how to maximise your growth and joy both in the work place and beyond.

Clarity on your calling and purpose – 6+ sessions on finding out more about who you are and how your dreams, calling and purpose fit in with your current situation and future plans. This type of coaching also involves lots of chatting to God!

General life coaching as and when you need it on anything and everything you may feel stuck with or challenged by. This may be more suitable for you if you like the idea of the options above but would rather not include a spiritual element to the sessions.

I have links to various other coaching and professional development organisations which I do various projects with; I also run life calling workshops and am developing team coaching opportunities for those wanting to fully embrace CliftonStrengths in their workplace.


Various ICF accredited courses and ongoing CPD at 3D Coaching.
I am ACC ICF and working towards PCC.

Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health​ Certification at The Neuroscience Academy

Strengths-Based Coaching at Professional Christian Coaching Institute

Certificate in Co-Creative Transformational Coaching from Destiny Coaching

Area Of Expertise

CliftonStrengths, Identity, Purpose and Calling

Working Hours

Flexible - weekdays, evenings, weekends and across timezones


Zoom, Telephone Call, Skype

Hourly Rate


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