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Catherine Opondo

Trauma Release Coach



Trauma Release Coach


Catherine Opondo



My focus has always been about the transformation that my clients experience from working with me.

I totally get the fact that having experienced trauma, you are not sure of who you are anymore, let alone how to move forward in your life. Taking that first step in realizing that you need help is a great start in the journey towards your healing. And this is where my expertise comes in. Healing trauma is not a pretty journey. However, working on your healing is the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Having been through trauma and survived it, I went on a quest to find out how trauma affects our lives and how it is possible to find the answers from within. I recognize that there is no perfect script for it, rather we can work together to build a script that will suit you.

At the end of the day, we all want to break free from the shame, guilt, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD and depressive symptoms that we find ourselves sucked in after experiencing trauma. Helping you break free and then go on to design a life that you are excited about living is my passion. My approach for this is to use proven techniques such as various forms of meditation and guided imagery to release the trauma, Positive Intelligence to boost your mental fitness and then we move onto designing your future life's plan. This is a very exciting part whereby I guide you into designing your own life, how you would like to live it by incorporating what will work for you.

My plan is very user friendly and applies effective techniques that have been tried and tested and will give you extraordinary results. In the initial consultation, I will give you a brief of each of the three areas to determine the best fit that will give you the best results.


I have been coaching unofficially for several years in my capacity as a volunteer at my local religious centres dealing with challenges/trauma that were experienced by families; and in my capacity as a Human Resource Officer at an international manufacturing pharmaceutical concern.

Following that, I relocated to Canada and started working with survivors of family and relationship abuse. It is while doing this work that i realized that there was some deep rooted trauma that was not being addressed adequately. Thus I took the initiative to study with the Centre for Mind and Body Fitness, Positive Intelligence and Sounds True in their program - Healing Trauma Program.

My work has largely entailed working with trauma survivors getting to the root of it, enabling them release the debilitating symptoms that almost paralyze their lives. Key Result Areas include building up Positive and Emotional Intelligence, use of the mind to guide personal healing and extensive work with healing trauma.


"From the time I was invited to join a session on finding my clarity, things haven't been the same again. For a while, l had this deep desire to change things such procrastination, time wasting and eventually failure to achieve my goal. My biggest challenge was how to face and tackle them until I met my mentor - Catherine Opondo. Right now, l have the mental clarity and specificity that l require to achieve my goals unlike before where my dreams were blurry with no clear direction or purpose. I may not have achieved my goals fully within the six weeks, but I now know what I want, and most importantly, how to achieve it. I have trained my mind to visualize my desires and discovered that I can only achieve my goals though discipline. My life has been characterized by shambles of wanting everything at the same time. I wanted to create my wealth, have superb health, wonderful relationships with my loved ones and many more. But l kept postponing them and buying time since I didn't know which button to press. My clarity session taught me how to set my goals with precision in all quadrants of my life - health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and also that these can only be achieved through discipline and taking consistent action. Finding my clarity session has also taught me gratitude - to appreciate everything that I have and more importantly work towards improving them. My parting shot would be - one doesn't need to be in a tragic situation to realize their clarity." Kasmara - Business Owner

After struggling with trauma for a very long period, my body has been emotionally, physically, psychological been numb, been struggling with every aspect of it.
After the attending releasing trauma sessions with Catherine, my hope was restored and my days are now brighter. I am in control of my thoughts and present moments for which l been experiencing constant doubts. I learnt to listen to my body and that breathwork calms and restores a nervous system that is overworked and stressed. My mental chatter has calmed down. I am more aware of my environment and actively managing my stress. Overall, l am grounded. Millie - Procurement Officer

"I met Catherine when I was going through alot of stress from my marriage. At the time, I was unable to see clearly and I was constantly flirting with ending my life. I felt that there was no other way out and that I should take my youngest child with me. Catherine helped me to identify my trauma and work through it and discover the brighter side of life. Without her guidance, I would probably have done the unthinkable." Beatrice - Stay-At-Home Mum.

Area Of Expertise

Trauma Release, Mental Clarity & Life Design

Working Hours

Agreeable with clients as we may be on different time zones


FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Telephone Call, Zoom

Hourly Rate

30 minutes initial obligation free complimentary session

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