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Cath Walford

Wellbeing Coach



Wellbeing Coach

Bromley, United Kingdom

Cath Walford

United Kingdom


Are you stuck in a way of life that’s unfulfilling, not achieving all that you know you are capable of, or trapped repeating the same mistakes? Or perhaps you are overwrought with all that life’s thrown at you recently which is impeding your ability to cope as you usually would.

You may know where you’d like to be, and you may even have tried doing some things to make changes yourself...but you’ve come as far as you can go by yourself.

I provide individually tailored coaching techniques based in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Planning (NLP) so that you can learn how to deal with situations, and your responses to them, more effectively. This will enable you to fully understand and then overcome what has been holding you back, so that you can achieve the success and fulfilment of the next stage of your life.

I will work with you to embed the lessons learned so you are able to utilise them in all that life presents you with in future.

I specialise in personal well-being, so I will ensure that your goals are met in a way that also includes improved mental health and happiness, enabling you to achieve a healthier perspective on life.

Why choose me? I am fascinated by people and what motivates them and makes them tick. I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology, a Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching and have been accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). But aside from my training, I live for the ‘ahh!’ moment, when all that we’ve been working through slips into place and the path out becomes clear to my clients.

If you would like to find out more about coaching with me please contact me for a free initial consultation.


Ba Hons Psychology with Sociology
Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas
Associate Accredited Coach from International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Area Of Expertise

CBT, Wellbeing, Mindfulness

Working Hours

Weekdays 9am to 9pm


Telephone Call, Zoom

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