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Cecile Franckinioulle

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Holistic Coaching and Therapy

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Cecile Franckinioulle

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it - Henry Ford.

After flying for 15 years as a cabin crew member for British Airways I decided to become the pilot of my own life. I set off on a slow and winding path preparing me slowly by slowly to practice my true vocation: offering support to people along their own life journey.
I trained as a coach and hypnotherapist in Belgium and set up my first practice there.

Having a passion for well-being, I continued to explore new avenues. However I believe that one of my strongest assets to date is through my own experience in dealing with a diversity range of challenging situations. I think this is precisely the reason why people have told me they feel in safe hands.

There is nothing like first-hand experience when it comes to insight knowledge and effectiveness. This journey towards deeper rooting brought me all the way to Yorkshire, where I now live in what I consider to be a more harmonious life.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is one of the tools that I use amongst others. It allows us to understand more about how we process our thoughts, but also how to use our brain more efficiently. The aim is to help each person connecting as much as possible to the solution to the problem he or she is facing.

Here are some fields in which supportive techniques can lead to a successful intervention:

- building self-confidence
- stress management release
- coming out of addictions: affective or substance-related ones (tobacco, alcohol, etc.)
- weight-loss
-assisting in the grieving process
- getting over traumatic experiences
- clarifying important decision making issues
- putting a strategy into place in order to realise a life project
- overcoming fears and phobia (e.g. getting over the fear of flying naturally the speciality of the house!)
- letting go of obsessive compulsive disorder
- career reorientation spiritual guidance (in accordance with a person's own beliefs, let it be religious or other) etc.

Considering life to be precious, my intention is to get the best out of it. That includes sharing what I discover along the way. I've learned through my own experience how much a small step forward can make a huge difference in one's path.

As it is a method of brief therapy in a lot of cases, one or two sessions is likely to be sufficient to unlock a particular problematic issue. Some situations might however take longer due to their complexity, or might need some other professional intervention - than the one I am providing.

If you feel that you might need some support to move on and reach an important personal goal, no matter how small or big it may seem, then I invite you to get in touch and take it from there.

I am available for online sessions on most Saturdays. I work in a college during the week. That allows me to keep growing too.


Certificate of Master-Practitioner in Mental Coaching (including NLP and Hypnotherapy).

L3 Award in Education and Training

Certificates of Understanding Autism and other Specific Learning Difficulties.

Counselling Skills (L2)

Area Of Expertise

Holistic Coaching and Therapy

Working Hours

Sat 9.30 till 18.30 (UK time)


Telephone Call, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

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