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Charlotte Davies

Education and Holistic Development

Health & Wellness

Education and Holistic Development

Croydon, UK

Charlotte Davies

United Kingdom


I am a Economics & Business Teacher, who worked as a senior teacher; and trained further in Tomatis sound therapy. A Community leader in Croydon following 2011 riot, and went on too set up Fit 2 Learn CIC to address the root causes of learning & behavioural difficulties.

Now work I with adults and children to move them on from a wide range of issues resulting in anxiety and difficulties with learning. I also train other professionals worldwide.


Tomatis Level 4 Consultant
National Professional Qualification for Headteachers
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
BA Honours
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Member of the Royal Institute of Navigation
International Speaker

Area Of Expertise

Education, Tomatis Sound Therapy & Holistic Human Development.

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 10am- 7pm


Zoom, Telephone Call

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