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Chris Halward

Leadership and Management Coach



Leadership and Management Coach


Chris Halward
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United Kingdom


My business experience spans a wide variety of businesses large and small in many different sectors. I have been involved in many new start-ups and understand well the challenges and demands of growing a business. I have also worked as a senior manager in large organisations, and understand well the particular issues of leaders and managers in complex organisations.

I have coached managers and leaders up to and including managing directors. The feedback I receive from those I coach is that I invariably cause them to think in new ways about the challenges they face. They also say that the sessions always feel relaxed and informal.
I have a masters degree in work based learning.


I began my career as an auditor / accountant before working in sales and sales management for 10 years. I moved into operations and quality management and then into designing and building contact centres. I have extensive people and team development experience gained over more than 25 years.

I also led and advised on major change programmes with several complex organisations.

In recent years I have developed into a thought leader in strategic sourcing, and have designed and developed global standards.

Area Of Expertise

Leadership and Management

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Weekdays, 8:30 - 19:30


Microsoft Teams, Telephone Call

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