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Chris Styles
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The #Futurist research work I do, how I present it and how I practically integrate it into a person’s way of life to create positive change, makes my research outputs ideally suited for CEO's CFO's COO's C-suite executives Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who desire to develop their and their teams collective Change Management capabilities on an EQ or #EmotionalIntelligence, an AQ or Adaptability Quotient and SQ or SpiritualQ quotient level. My lifepath predictive modelling work also provides you with the opportunity to look at your entire life (past, present, and future) through a completely different set of lenses. The benefit of this, is that you can now use this newfound intelligence to create improved personal and professional risk management and risk mitigation plans. My intense case study driven investigations into better understanding the bespoke Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) of a person, make me the Strategic Futurist who specialises in the field of Human Futurology a new field of #Futurology #FuturistResearch #FuturesResearch


Human futurology is all about understanding a person’s unique data points (of which there are so many!) and then predictively modelling these this such that their life path is decoded into numerical format which provides strategically valuable 4D experiential insights personally and professionally, yearly, quarterly, monthly, even drilling so deep as to understand the unique numerical cocktails operating daily. I did a detailed case study on Steve Jobs which reveals why his pancreatic cancer presented in 2004… Search for it


1. I am a curious researcher searching for scientific truths to help unshake more sense of the construct of life.
2. I have B.Sc.; B.Sc. Hons.; M.Sc degrees
3. I worked in non-profits (African Conservation initiatives). In1994 I spoke within The House of Lords on human-elephant conservation threats, a guest of Lord Gridley of Stockport.
4. In 2000: I was accepted into a Banking Accelerated Leadership Development Programme. I swapped one jungle for another with a dramatic switch into the world of finance and banking. I loved it. Worked my way up to Exco level GM in 5yrs
5. 2010: I became an Leadership, entrepreneur and business coach (ICF qualified) consulting into SMEs.
6. 2015: Began researching and developing a predictive mathematical model to test whether key life events are random or hardcoded. Building and analysing thousands of charts revealed astonishing results.

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I am the Strategic Futurist Coach and Human Futurist who gets you Thinking Into New Results using my Personal and Professional Risk Management Model

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