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Christina Stephenson

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Christina Stephenson

United Kingdom


I help people with ambition achieve more -overcome anxiety and self doubt and stick to taking positive transformative actions.

Personally, I grew up with high expectations, from school to university to career, and navigated toxic work environments to initiate and lead a team who were fundamental in transforming a loss making part of AXA to profitable. Aside from enabling processes to facilitate this, behaviour change was key, moving the culture to collaborative and supportive.

All my coaching is based on the belief everyone has limitless potential that is hampered by overwhelm, self-doubt and suffering from "shiny object syndrome. Hence I provide the support, accountability and laser focused action plans to enable people to take action and realise potential.


I have coached within leading organisations such as London Business School, eBay, PayPal and Sabre.

Within these organisations I provide consultations, programs and coaching to help leaders develop, overcome hurdles, commit to action and generate outstanding results.

Prior to developing my coaching practice I led Business Finance team in AXA Direct, and hence have vast experience of the pressures faced by individuals in pressured corporate environments, as well as those establishing businesses.

ACII, Master Trainer and Motivation Coach with EIF, ACSM Nutritionist, ADiPT.

Area Of Expertise

Taking action. Accountability. Overcoming overwhelm and anxiety. helping ambitious people achieve more -overcome anxiety and self doubt and stick to taking positive transformative actions.

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Mon-Fri 9am-6pm



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