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Health and Wellness Coach, Pilates Coach

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness Coach, Pilates Coach

London, UK


I have more 11 years of experience in the well-being industry, working with an international clientele of CEOs and high flying executives, helping them in transforming their approach to well-being and self-care.

I am a health & wellness coach, a nutritional chef and a Pilates teacher and I help you bring together different aspects of your well-being in an easy and seamless way.

I have also been a wellness writer for the past six years, regularly featuring among experts on international wellness online publications and running my own blog The Healthy Gourmet which has been ranked among the UK TOP 10 health coach blogs to follow from 2018 to 2021.


I worked with clients with hypertension and diabetes, lower back pain, postnatal mums, clients with MS and recovering from strokes, helping them go through the necessary changes with less stress, more life satisfaction, and a better understanding of how our mind and body are connected that left them feeling more in charge.

Many have made a full recovery and have developed a passion for a healthier lifestyle.

I qualified to teach Pilates 12 years ago and I then started teaching my private high profile clients, developing a regular and loyal clientele.

I then added several coaching, nutrition, health coaching and functional medicine, studies and qualifications, adding more layers to my work and the way I help clients.

Since 2016 I have also been an in-demand contributor to international wellness and lifestyle publications.

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Health Coaching, Nutrition &Pilates

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