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Cornelius Wright

Multi-faceted Life Coach



Multi-faceted Life Coach

Online - based in Berkeley, California USA.

Cornelius Wright

United States of America


Cornelius ( Neo ) Wright is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.

Positive WORLD change is his MAIN focus. His upcoming series of books titled, Black Boy from the Barrio will take YOU on a journey of how an African American Boy who grew up working in the fields of Central California in a mainly Latino community, managed to self-educate himself through years of trial and error, to FINALLY (at the tender age of fifty-eight) realize WHY he was born. While being a house painter for thirty-two years of his life, Neo was able to break free from the grip of occupational prison by investing in HIMSELF in his spare time over the years.

The changes he made to himself are no less than FASCINATING. He has become a master of teaching people by his LEADING THROUGH EXAMPLE approach. His UNIQUE style of teaching ALL the elements of success, joy and happiness, has given him a following of loyal supporters that are using these time-tested success principles to ENHANCE their lives as well.

Neo is a MOVEMENT GUY, meaning that he does not put limitations on ANYTHING.

Neo is involved in four business ventures currently. He is the author of a book series, a Certified Life Coach who invented his own unique digital platform, CEO and founder of A.E.M. ( African Empowerment Movement ), a non-profit organization that will build sustainable communities throughout Africa, and co-CEO and founder of Align International Coaching Group, which focuses on helping people with various mental health issues and to help break the stigma associated with anxiety and depression.

Neo resides in Berkeley, Ca. and is still married to his High School sweetheart of 40 years. He and his wife also have a 20 year old daughter and a cat.


Certified Life Coach since 2017.

Serial entrepreneur for the last 26 years.

Area Of Expertise

Multi-faceted Life Coaching

Working Hours

Reach out to me via the form below for us to work out a time that suits.


Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

$190.00 average cost per month for the first 4 months. Then, $62.00 dollars per month after that. Clients have unlimited access to my digital life coaching platform. I do two one hour group coaching sessions per week.

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