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Daniel Koek

Performance and Vocal Coaching


Performance and Vocal Coaching


Daniel Koek

United Kingdom


As one of the youngest men to play the title role of Jean Valjean in the West End production of Les Miserables, I have the real-world experience that benefits you in our coaching sessions.

My experience on some of the biggest stages in the world, as well as extensive time spent in the recording studio, means that you are being coached by someone who truly understands the varying vocal power, range and acoustics involved in the different styles of performing and public speaking. It will no doubt be another year of challenges but I hope with my support, encouragement and an armoury of the right skills, we will be able to pull through it together!

That being said... I think when our industry finally comes back it will come back harder and faster than ever before, and I truly believe now is the time to hone in our skills, ambition and confidence to slay every opportunity that comes our way!

I'm working very hard at present to deliver an amazing, interactive vocal and performance program that will optimise your skills and help you super enhance the ones you have!

The program will cover:
Performer Physicality
Find your Ultimate Voice
Working out your Break
Technique and Breath work
Overcoming Anxiety
Building Confidence
Self Tapes, Streaming, and being you best Digital Self
Biohacking - Looking into all the things you body needs to perform at it's best!
Mental Health and Wellbeing


15 years performance experience
10 years vocal coaching and performance coaching experience
MA in Dramatic Art and Voice

Area Of Expertise

Performance and Vocal Coaching

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Hourly Rate

£150 per hour

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