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Dan Underwood

Life and Career Coach | Visual Synthesis Specialist



Life and Career Coach | Visual Synthesis Specialist


Dan Underwood

United Kingdom


Hi, I am Dan - I help people understand and communicate themselves better through a combination of INSIGHT coaching and ENGAGING visual synthesis.

Through a distinct analytical and entrepreneurial mindset, I combine counselling, coaching and mentoring to unlock barriers for clients on their journey to discovering their own talents, passions and purpose through their own genius.

I do this through a unique combination of reflective listening, visual thinking and applied social sciences (including psychology, sociology and philosophy).

I am driven by my passion for helping others, to help themselves and I specialise in providing key insights and visual tools to develop people and their future ambitions.

I enable people to discover, empower and be inspire themselves achieve their full potential through their unique genius.


I have a background and over 15+ years in developing people and startup businesses as mentor, coach and consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset. Using visual design thinking to help my clients to equip themselves for the future and see things clearly.

I bring a unique set of skills combining experiential learning, visual thinking and applied social science (mixture of psychology, sociology and philosophy) enables me to objectively assess and develop people.

I am the former Editor, Product Development and Marketing Manager for ArtOf (Independent Publisher and Developer) for over 10+ years. Where I was the lead developer of the cutting edge visual self help toolkit ArtOf Enterprise (Print Book and Mobile App), available on Amazon, iOS and Android.

Alongside my passion for helping people I also do some landscape photography over the past 20+ years which has grown into my own Underwood Photography business. With the highlight being of my public exhibition in July 2016 of over 50+ display all with personalised inspirational quotes.

I also do volunteer mentoring for young professionals and students to help them overcome anxiety, self doubt and the imposter syndrome to unlock their individual genius.

Area Of Expertise

Self Reflection and Discovery, Talent and Passion Mapping, Vision and Career Development

Working Hours

Weekdays 10am - 5pm


Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Telephone Call, Skype

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