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David O Reilly

Certified Coach



Certified Coach


David O Reilly

United Kingdom


A certified coach (2011) providing life, career and business coaching.

My aim is to work with people who are feeling stuck or looking for ways to enrich what they already have. This could be in their personal lives, career or business. Through a process of inquiry and awareness collectively we will create clarity, new perspective and activities that support your personal development and fulfilment through meaningful results.

Together we can focus on what’s really important to you, your values and shape your life to align with those values. You are able to learn from your experiences, make clearer judgements, better choices, act more decisively and take more effective and purposeful action.

I offer a free no obligation Discovery call so that we can discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you may have.

Together let’s understand the options and resources required to support a brighter future for you.

What People Say:

Ernest March 2022
As my first experience as a start up entrepreneur I engaged David to support me on my journey these past three months. After a very positive first impression where I felt connected with David, he and I have worked closely and David has been a very strong guide on this journey so far. Through his support I have developed further confidence in my project and the decisions I am making. David set out an initial framework for us to operate within, however, has been flexible with this as I proposed new elements or modifications on existing directions. David has wealth of business experience and people network of which he is happy to share and has been very supportive outside of our planned online sessions, offering guidance and assistance via email.

I sincerely recommend David and I would like to thank him for the activities we have completed so far.

Olga, December 2021
David is an amazing coach who helped me to see where I need to go to meet myself. Through his empowering questions I took the direction that wasn’t a walk in the park however very rewarding afterwards. While I was in the driving seat, David enabled me to uncover what made my way foggy and explore the place I was stuck in. I felt extremely safe also when the feeling of irritation came up. This allowed me to look at my issue from a different perspective, which was exactly what I was looking for and expecting from our session. I was finally properly equipped to move forward with my topic.
If you feel similarly, like there is no other way than the one you are currently choosing, yet you strive for a different outcome, I highly recommend you contact David. He will support you in breaking through and finding that there are more choices that you initially anticipated. Dare yourself and you will not regret!

Jo, December 2021
David is a patient, supportive and sympathetic coach, who really helped me get through a difficult time of transition in my life. He is definitely someone to have by your side when your back is against the wall. By helping me to focus and develop my inner potential – and holding me to account at times – he aided me greatly in overcoming obstacles and making progress towards some important goals.

Catherine December 2021
I have had the opportunity to witness David's great coaching skills in action: I have seen him help his coachee have a total shift in perspective by asking them only a few questions - the right ones at the right time - during the coaching session. This has allowed them to see their world and issues from a totally different angle, which proved very helpful. I highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for a human, respectful and professional coach.


• Extensive commercial and operational business experience gained as a Business
• Non-Executive Director for Community Interest Company
• NLP Practitioner* (2008)
• NLP Master Practitioner* (2009)
• NLP Certified Coach* (2011)
• Diploma in Emotional Intelligence (2021)
• I continue to invest in my Coaching skills, I am currently enrolled on ‘Master the
Coach Approach’* and ‘Applied Neuroscience’* programmes.
• *Each of these courses are accredited through the ICF (International Coaching
Federation) of which I am a member of.
• Fully insured

Area Of Expertise

Life, career and business

Working Hours

Weekdays, 9am - 3pm and 6pm - 9pm. Weekends to be discussed and agreed.


Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone Call, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

To be discussed

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