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Deborah Bosso

Career and Mindset Coach




Career and Mindset Coach


Deborah Bosso
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United Kingdom


How could I describe myself? I am definitely a passionate professional, with a warm and empathetic approach; most of the times wise; experienced and living my life with enthusiasm. I want to make a difference, positively impact the life of the people I work with.

When I started this business, I decided to bring to life two of my passions: supporting professionals in their careers and working with people who -like me many years ago – are looking for answers and support in understanding neurodiversity. These two worlds have been equally part of my life in the last years and this is where I want to dedicate all of my energies.


My passion for developing careers comes from my work in HR – I have spent about 15 years helping people to develop their careers within organisations.

I have also worked in employability and have a wealth of experience working with people facing challenging or stressful circumstances – a change in career, having to face a challenging period in life caused by redundancy, planning their next moves to create their own company.

In the last year, I have also worked with Richmond Adult College, working on projects aimed to helping people transitioning in their careers, writing a CV or acing an interview.

Area Of Expertise

HR, Career Transformation, Business Start-ups

Working Hours

Weekdays, Saturday am


Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Telephone Call, Zoom, Skype

Hourly Rate

60 to 90 and offering bespoke packages

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