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Dr. Delbar Niroushak

Leadership Coach and HR Consultant



Leadership Coach and HR Consultant

North Vancouver, Canada, available online

Dr. Delbar Niroushak



I am a PhD Psychologist, and a PCC Professional Leadership Coach from the ICF .For the past 15 years I have taught professional leadership coach training programs for Managers, Start-ups, Businesses for empowering them to activate their inner talent in life. I was able to foster a strong presence with my Coaching Skills to build a “Value Proposition” for my coachees (personal, team and organizations) in balancing home and workplace for creating a peaceful lifestyle.

I am a certified OD coach accredited by ICF and have supported Oil and Gas Companies and Hard Industries for their cost and waste management with Systemic Team Coaching Approach for the past 6 years. Since I have my Human Resource degree from the CIPD in London the projects that I have are involve two perspectives: one is organizational behavioural management in Business growth and second is Road Mapping to a Sustainable Business Development.

I support Start-ups in different fields with self-mastery skills for their business development to gain support for their growth. I also run Assessment and Development centers and I am a certified auditor from the PSI (A&DC) in UK. For the past 12 years I have been using Coaching skills as an expert coach to help businesses for their CPD(Continuous Professional Development) Planning to be aware of different options in life and in decision making.
I use different questionnaires to assess my client’s level of growth in my coaching process and in organizations I use the 360 degree to get feedback from my coaching.

The outcome that I promise in my one-to-one coaching are:
- Change unhealthy emotions and behaviours
- Empowerment
- Higher motivation
- Resourceful even in crises time
- Behavioural management even through unpredictable times
- Creative decision making and Conflict Management
- To activate inner strength and inner talent
- Activating self-confidence and self-esteem
- To learn how to prioritize goals and make an action plan
- Effective and Intentional communication skills
- Growth of revenue and create new revenue lines

With my background in psychology, I believe everyone deserves to live a higher self and enjoy life/business and for that reason I am here to support their growth and enable them to experience all aspects of life as their opportunity.

Furthermore, because of my strong intentional communication skills, my business development expertise and goal setting with creating engagement that I have gained over 20 years, I can create opportunities. I am also a great team player and a motivated person for uplifting responsibility on accomplishing the efficient outcome for each person when it comes to coaching and managing talents, because I believe everyone is capable of achieving their goals


I am a certified:
- PCC coach from ICF in Professional Leadership Coaching
- Certified OD (Organizational Development) coach from the ICF
- Certified Coach from ICC (International Coaching Community) for Goal Setting
- Certified Expert Coach from the ATD (Association of Talent Development)
- Certified Systemic Team Coaching from Academy of Executive Coaching
- Certified Business Coach from the Flow Institute
- Certified Happiness and Well being Coach from the University of California

My Detailed Industry Experience:
1. (Telecom Company): HR Coach and delivering T.O.T training for their L&D to create a New Communicational Model based on their Vision-Mission statements
2. Oil and Gas Companies: (Delivering Competency based programs and analysing the effect of the program on their performance)
3. Petroleum Companies: Delivering Systemic Team coaching for coast and waste management
4. The Iron and Steel industries: (Developing the Line managers with Performance Coaching and designing a T.O.T program to build a Coaching Culture in their organization)
5. The Ministry of Education (Designing a core competency model for Teachers and Principals in school to be more effective while teaching and gaining Communication, Behavioural and Emotional management skills)
6. Designing a core competency model for Teachers and Principals in schools to be more effective while teaching and gaining Communication, Behavioural and Emotional Management skills
7. The Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training (Designing an education model for empowering pre-marital skills and behavioural management models for their clinics and hospitals)
8. The Ministry of Athletics (Delivering a Coaching program to the Team Leaders and analysing the efficiency of the team in Olympic Games.)
9. The Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training (Designing an L&D platform for Hospitals to develop doctors as managers to become Coaches in the field of Medical science.)
10. Department of Education and Science (Empowering the university culture to Train Entrepreneurs among their Medical students and to create a culture of being self-motivated for having innovations in Science)
11. University of Health and Sciences (Teaching Entrepreneurship and Coaching skills for students to get motivated to be creative in their inventions)
12. The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Teaching University Professors how to be effective on their students' motivation.)
13. The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Teaching University Students on their Personal and Social Development programs in Universities.)
14. The Technical and Vocational Training Center (Designing a T.O.T model based on Coaching and Mentoring approach for the Trainers to become self-motivated and also self-developed)
15. The Home Office (Empowering Volunteer Management skills for NGOs)
16. The Red Cross of Iran (Evaluating the Quality Management Skills among our volunteers and delivering workshops for empowering their behavioural potential skills)
17. The Red Cross (Evaluating the efficiency of our female volunteers and delivering workshops for empowering them with leadership skills and studding the role of women in Red Crescent)
18. Industrial Organizations (Empowering Coaching skills, Team building and Self-mastery skills among employees for their self-developments)
19. Industrial Organization (Studding the reason of conflicts in women/men in Industries and delivering workshops on Work-Family conflict and occupational stress for women/men in Industries. And Delivering Personal Development activities and program with Coaching approach)
20. Industrial Organization (Implementing CFR and CSR model in Organizations for creating a responsible and productive atmosphere in the companies for creating social awareness)
21. Banks (Evaluating the effect of Family Educations among employees on the efficiency of their work as well as in their Social Branding)
22. City Hall (Designing a Public Education System that Empowers the Social Responsibility Skills among everyone)
23. City Hall (Designing and delivering Entrepreneurship skills for Household women for building self-awareness)
24. Veteran's Families (Designing and delivering Empowerment skills for veteran's families for creating a functional family.)
25. Delivering Women Empowerment skills Workshops and Team Coaching to Charities and NGOs
26. Helping New Start-ups with their Business Development
27. Supporting Bitcoin Companies with creating a Health Coach Strategy
28. HR development projects for Tech companies for supporting their soft skills empowerment with one-to-one Coaching and Team coaching

Area Of Expertise

Business Coaching/Performance Management/ Cost and Waste Management/ Personal Development

Working Hours

Everyday plus Weekends from 8 am until 8pm (UK time)


Google Meet/Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Telephone Call

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