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Della Judd

Career and Business Coach



Career and Business Coach


Della Judd

United Kingdom


Coaching can give you time and space in your busy life. When you book a coaching session you are giving yourself time to think, time to plan, time to reflect.

Coaching is not an intervention for poor performers. People in the field of sport don't worry about having a coach, they see it as a necessity, essential for continuous improvement. But in business sometimes people worry that having a coach is a sign of weakness. Not at all!

Strong leaders are those that are continually learning, looking to expand their own skills - not just in technical areas and in gaining knowledge - but in soft skills, personal management, confidence and leadership.

For many years I struggled with my own health and I made use of a coach to help me to feel better and to get a better balance with home and work life. When I was made redundant after 12 years in a senior position, I felt bereft and my confidence plummeted and I wasn't sure what my new future would be. Again, I turned to a coach to help me make decisions about what to do next.

Having a coach who is outside of your own organisation, outside of your family, outside of your friendship circle, can give you an unbiased space to share issues, talk through worries and make plans for what to do next.

As a coach I believe that everyone has the resources and creativity to resolve issues themselves. I help people to think about their challenges in a creative way, using a variety of tools to help people to see things from different angles.

Everything we discuss is confidential - you can say whatever you like to me and it won't go anywhere else!


Della is an inspirational leader who has coached and mentored hundreds of people in the last 25 years in senior roles. She was at Deloitte for 12 years, the last 4 years as a Director of Customer Services, where she championed many talent initiatives.

She has worked at other large organisations including KPMG, Invensys, Elsevier, and British Gas.

Della is now a motivational Executive Coach and advocate for flexible working, wellbeing, and positive leadership. She is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She is author of the book, 'Get the Job you Really a post pandemic world' due out in June 2022.

Area Of Expertise

Career, Wellbeing / Burnout / Confidence / Business

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Tues - Fri 9.30 - 5.00


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