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Duncan Pile

Life Coach and Author


Life Coach and Author

Nottingham/Online, UK

Duncan Pile

United Kingdom


I have a passion for English literature and Music, which I studied at degree level in Nottingham. In 1996, I travelled to Hong Kong and embarked on a two year journey around three continents, working for a humanitarian organisation that brought educational literature to those who needed it. Since then I have spent many years in industry, climbing and understanding the corporate ladder. My real passion is for coaching and writing, which I now do full time. I am also an active member of my local community.


15 years as a practising life coach, helping clients grow and break through wherever they have been stuck - career progression, communication skills, deepening relationships, personal habits, and developing spirituality, to name a few. As the author of six novels, I also coach writers, helping them develop their skills and learn how to land a literary agent.

Area Of Expertise

Life Coaching

Working Hours

Monday to Saturday, 10am-9pm. I work around my clients' schedules where possible.


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