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Edward Jospe

ICF Life Coach



ICF Life Coach


Edward Jospe

United Kingdom


I am very excited to offer life-coaching to anyone who wants to unlock their future potential.

My life-coaching experience, apart from my training, comes from a love of listening to people talk about their lives. Listening is one of the key skills in life-coaching and I am now able to turn this to your advantage during our sessions. Life-coaching is all about your agenda - I am there to help you open up new ways of thinking about your aspirations, challenges, and goals no matter what they may be.

Our first session will be a "get-to-know-you" discussion so that I can gather contextual history about why you want to be coached and generally about what it is you would like to achieve. I will also explain what coaching is and what it isn't as well as what can be expected during a typical coaching session etc.

Subsequent sessions will be all about your plans (or lack of as the case may be) and how to develop them based on achievable actions & targets. In my experience, after 6 sessions, you will have learned how to self-coach yourself!

I look forward to meeting you.

Here is part of a recent testimonial:

"My coaching with Edward allowed me to very patiently dissect each element and thus to create an overarching scheme in which to implement the progress in my real life. He is an extremely competent coach whose brilliance lies in his ability to focus his client onto the truly substantial factors of his dilemmas. He is firm when he needs to be but also fluid so as to accompany whatever direction my mind was going in. His style is encouraging as well as challenging."

I am based in Fulham, London


Qualified Life-Coach - accredited by The Coaching Academy 2020

I have completed over 180 life-coach sessions.

I am an Associate Certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) (2021)

As part of my PPD, I have also completed an Introduction Course to Counselling at the City Literary Institute (April-June 2021).

I am an external consultant at the Royal College of Arts in Kensington where I offer life-coaching sessions to Masters and PHD students.

I work as a coach for business clients such a Munich Re via another platform.

I have worked in the hotel business and tourism sector for the last 30 years.

Area Of Expertise

If you are looking at a fuzzy future, I can help you bring focus, purpose and resolve to move forwards.

Working Hours

10:00 to 19:00


Google Meet/Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Telephone Call, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime

Hourly Rate


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