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Ellen Ludlow
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Ellen’s passion for empowering individuals in business goes so much further than her in-depth coaching sessions- it’s in her very ethos as a life coach, as she truly believes in enabling each of her clients to take back their time and achieve a work/ life balance based on their true priorities. 

A busy mum herself, Ellen recognises the importance of achieving goals and managing priorities to ensure her clients don’t continue an endless cycle of stress and guilt.

Trained by Jairek & Amanda Robbins on an ICF accredited course at Performance Coach University, Ellen started her own company,  Berkshire Life Coaching to help and support others in their own personal and professional journeys.

Working with business owners and freelancers, Ellen enables time-strapped women to access the right tools and techniques to balance their life and manage their time. Sharing her mantra ‘you run your business- your business shouldn't run you’, one powerful technique Ellen employs is to help clients develop healthy boundaries & assertiveness without making personal sacrifices. 

Ellen supports each of her clients to say YES to more of what they love and to say No or Not Now, to things they've identified are not their current priorities or don’t fit into their goals. In turn, her clients start to feel calmer, more organised and more in control of their time and schedule, truly benefiting from the tools Ellen introduces. 

Ellen identifies with the importance of giving yourself the time and space to nurture and find clarity, confidence, and calm again. And this is the approach she applies when working with others.


16 years Coaching in Oxfam GB
2 years Self Employed at Berkshire Life Coaching Ltd
Management Certification (ILM)

Area Of Expertise

Time Management, Personal and Professional Development

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Variable, daytime or evening sessions available



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