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Emilia Jagnieza

Academic English and IELTS Coach


Academic English and IELTS Coach


Emilia Jagnieza

United Kingdom


An IELTS teacher and coach who's been in your shoes. Confidence. Expertise. Clarity.

I usually work with high-level IELTS test takers who want to concentrate on improving their reading and writing skills. Most of them come to me having taken the test more than three times confused as to what the problem might be. Most of the time, it's not their fault, and their English is not to blame. It turns out that very few of us were taught how to read and write properly when we were in primary or secondary school.

I got my 9 in IELTS. Very few IELTS teachers can honestly say they’ve prepared for and successfully passed the IELTS test themselves. By the way, this is a brilliant way to start a conversation with a teacher you’re thinking to follow!

So, my teaching is based on the experience of learning English and other languages myself as well as a thorough preparation for and the successful experience of the IELTS test at band 9 level and years of classroom and online teaching experience that followed.

My offer is based on high quality teaching materials and my Coaching Programmes include an intensive session schedule, self-study assignments, regular practice and contact via email and via messaging apps.

Individuality and Practical Application: I use a profoundly self-reflecting and practical approach that allows you to find solutions and practise your language skills. You are encouraged to engage in all tasks that feed directly into your programme of study.

Creativity and Excellence: You are experientially involved in the learning process and encouraged to actively learn throughout the course. My IELTS programmes involve creative tasks, thinking outside the box and challenging your beliefs about your capacity to learn and succeed. You are invited to shine and draw on all the strengths you have.

Competence and Quality: My IELTS programmes are based on years of teaching experience supporting adults at all levels, from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. My unique approach is centered around inspiration, finding sources of intrinsic motivation in learners and breaking any mental blocks and barriers to learning. Your progress is constantly monitored, your critical thinking and autonomy encouraged.

Bigger Picture: Your life and educational journey are at the core of my course design and delivery. You are studying not just to pass the test, but to become a competent communicator and language user within and beyond IELTS, your academic study and your professional performance.

Shared Responsibility and Relatability: I have been a language learner since I was 10 years old. I have been a beginner, I struggled when becoming an advanced learner, I cried many times because it felt too hard and impossible to do, I have taken and passed many tests and exams and I wanted to quite more times than I can count. In other words: I have been there! What pulled me through was that desire to be the best I can be and a few brilliant teachers and good friends supporting me on the way. I want you to be that, I want you to meet me half way, to take responsibility for your learning, to never give up.


My teaching/coaching experience:

5 years of full time English Studies including a full teaching qualification
English Language Teacher to Adults in the UK since 2003 – EFL, ESOL, FCE, CAE, IELTS
Qualified Teacher Status in the UK
Completed an intensive DELTA course and became one of the best qualified teachers in London
Prepared for and took the IELTS test, passed with the highest, band 9 score, something native speakers, even teachers of English struggle with
it took me 40 minutes to finish the Reading test (scored 9!) - the formula I used is what I have taught to hundreds of my students
I found a way to approach IELTS writing tasks WITH EASE - it's easier to write better texts!
I have simplified the test for my students - it may still be a challenge, but it's no longer torture
Cambridge examiner for 10 years
IELTS lecturer
IELTS course manager supporting a team of 12 teachers
IELTS course and teaching materials designer
IELTS teacher trainer and mentor
English Functional Skills coach and lead
In-Sessional Academic English Skills tutor for BSc Nursing and Healthcare Students

I have worked with:

Mobile Testing Solutions
BPP University (EAP for Nurses)
British Council UKVI
International House London
Ealing Hammersmith and West London College (the largest and most vibrant IELTS Test Centre in Western Europe at the time)
University of West London (IELTS for Nurses)
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (IELTS for Nurses)
Technology in Teaching:

Adobe Connect
Microsoft Teams
Google and Microsoft tools


M.A. in English Studies – Linguistics – Legal Translation and Language Corpora
Qualified Teacher Status – General Teaching Council for England and Wales
DELTA – Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults – Cambridge – Oxford House College, London
Subject Learning Coach
Leadership and Coaching Programme

Area Of Expertise

IELTS Reading and Writing - I specialise in 'difficult cases', Academic English, Study Skills, Exam Anxiety

Working Hours

flexible, please message me to discuss


Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

6, 12 or 18-week intensive Coaching Programmes starting from £297 per week

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