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Emily Day

Personal Development and Career Coach



Personal Development and Career Coach


Emily Day

United Kingdom


Stress and anxiety are increasingly taking a toll on parents' lives, leading to decreased productivity at work and unhappy home lives. If you are dealing with any such difficulties, I am here to lend you support. I provide sessions for life coaching, career coaching, health & wellness coaching, stress & anxiety management coaching. And quite often, a mixture of all!

I am equipped with close to six years of experience. I am a coach and NLP Practitioner, who assists individuals to overcome mental blocks and discover clarity. I help clients to resolve their conflicting feelings so they can start living a better life. We all know what we want to do, and sometimes we even know how to do it, but the obstacles in our way tend to stop us. Low confidence, negative self-talk, procrastination or lacking time are some of the most common.

I always start with a free call to build trust and a healthy rapport with my clients before the sessions. This also gives you the chance to find out a bit about me, and vice versa. I love helping my clients unlock their potential and be the person that they really want to be. So if you are hopeful to lead a healthier life, get in touch with me


I am Emily Day, a coach, a parent and an entrepreneur. I have completed one ICF accredited coaching course. I am presently pursuing my second one. I have also qualified as an NLP Practitioner. Prior to these qualifications, I achieved a graduate diploma in Psychology.

I can plan sessions for life coaching, career coaching, health & wellness coaching, and stress & anxiety management coaching.

I have been dealing with individuals for more than five years. I provide a peaceful and secure space where you can speak about all your worries and life goals, without any hesitation.

Area Of Expertise

Career coaching for parents

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Weekdays 9am to 8pm


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