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Erin Nugent

Life and Empowerment Coach



Life and Empowerment Coach

Virtually - Worldwide, Cambridge MA, United States

Erin Nugent

United States


I am a former Police Officer, Detective and Crisis Counsellor for a suicide prevention organization. I am passionate about helping people and continue that path now, as a Life and Empowerment Coach.

I primarily assist clients in the areas of Relationships, Boundary Setting and Self-Worth/Self Compassion. I am available virtually to anyone, or select in-person meetings can be facilitated if local to the Boston/Cambridge area.

I help clients identify elements of their life they are currently unhappy with, listen intently, validate their feelings, ask pointed questions to assist in what areas they'd like to improve, help them in setting goals to achieve and support them as they navigate their journey to a happier, more fulfilling life.

My motto is Empathy, Empower, Encourage.

These are the core ideals I offer my clients; I will empathize with your current circumstances, empower you through any and all challenges you face and encourage you to create a better existence for yourself.

Personally, I am Australian. I have two young boys and am married to a firefighter.


Certified Life Coach - August 2021
via Certified Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)

Master Certified Life Coach - December 2021
via Certified Life Coach Institute (ICF Accredited)

Area Of Expertise

Relationships, Boundary Setting, Self-Worth and Self Compassion.

Working Hours

Completely Flexible.


FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts, Zoom, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

$150 - (discounted price available with package purchases)

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