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Esteban Tejedor

Confidence Coach


Confidence Coach

Liverpool, UK

Esteban Tejedor

United Kingdom


I started my career as a programmer and analyst in Spain, after which I worked as a digital nomad until he created his own enterprise, first in Vietnam and after in the United Kingdom, through which I have hosted and managed dozens of young interns from many different nationalities.

During my most recent years in Liverpool, I have organised hundreds of cultural events and personal development courses and workshops.

As a certified Master Coach and NLP Practitioner, I have also coached and mentored several people of different ages and helped them to gain confidence and motivation, and achieve the goals that they set themselves with my advice.


Computer engineer, MBA, Master Coach and PNL Practitioner with international experience in business and team management.

I used to work as an analyst/programmer in an office in my hometown in Spain, I earned a good salary but every day was the same routine. Though my passion is to travel, I could only do it a few weeks a year.

I then decided to become a web developer freelancer, with the aim to be able to earn a living while having a nomadic life.
It was more difficult than I initially considered, I had to learn many new different skills, but eventually I started having my first clients.

Finally, in 2012 I prepared my luggage and start my Asian life. That was an amazing experience. While living in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and the Philippines; my personal growth was exponential. I lived so many adventures and learnt from the Eastern, more spiritual cultures.

Eventually, I felt like a burning desire to communicate all my learnings to the world, to become a trainer and coach, and also to take the step to go from freelancer to entrepreneur.

I moved to the UK where in 2016 I have created two companies in the Education sector. Hola People offers language, job and travel opportunities, and organises events in Liverpool.

QLU Project helps new entrepreneurs to set their dreamed goals, boost their business and achieve remarkable results, while having a healthy and balanced life. All in all, I am just a dreamer implementing his dreams, and inspiring others to do so.

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Confidence Coach

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