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Eva Krainitzki

Mindful Wellbeing Coach



Mindful Wellbeing Coach


Eva Krainitzki
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I coach professional women and non-binary people who want to keep energised and balanced in their lives as they pursue what they are passionate about. Whether you are an academic, a social entrepreneur, or business owner - you really care about what you do. It is easy to simply put all your energy into your work, while neglecting other important areas of your life.

Do you find you do not have enough hours in the day to create the impact you desire? Do you often skip meals, or eat "on the go"? Do you have trouble relaxing or falling asleep at night? Is exercise a chore you often postpone? Have you experienced stress or burn-out symptoms in the past and are worried it could happen again?

With my "Mindfully Well" approach, we start by bringing more awareness to your habits and routines, in order to address imbalances around any of the four pillars for a healthier life: mindful eating; mindful movement; sleep and relaxation; and joy and happiness. You will walk away with your personalised Mindfully Well toolbox, taking small consistent actions that you know will keep you balanced, so you can keep working more efficiently, for longer.

My clients find that gaining this increased awareness has helped them gain clarity and maintain their sense of purpose, while they build in enough time to look after themselves.

I have a calm and serene manner, and with my thoughtful questioning style I will support you all the way back to balance.


Prior to becoming a mindful well-being coach I enjoyed a career working within the UK Higher Education sector, with diverse roles in research and development, project management, and teaching.

An internationally certified Personal Performance Coach (Diploma, The Coaching Academy, UK).

A Mindfulness Instructor, who teaches a mainstream form of mindfulness and meditation, and integrates mindfulness-based stress reduction tools into her coaching.

A Yoga for All and trauma-informed yoga teacher, who understands the importance of leading a balanced life.

- Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, The Coaching Academy, 2021
- Yoga for All Teacher Training, 2019
- Trauma Sensitive Yoga, 2018
- Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher certification RYT 200hr, 2017
- Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (HEA), 2015
- PhD, Media and Cultural Studies (Ageing and Gender), University of Gloucestershire, 2012
- MA, Cultural Studies (Gender Theory), University of Lisbon, 2007
- BA (Hons) - Modern Languages and Literature, University of Lisbon, 2002

Area Of Expertise

Improving well-being (maintaining work-life balance, improving sleep, being present)

Working Hours

Wednesday & Thursday, 9am-5pm, Fridays 2pm-5pm


Zoom, Skype, Google Meet/Hangouts, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate


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