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Farhaana Ismail

Transformative Mindset and Relationship Coach



Transformative Mindset and Relationship Coach


Farhaana Ismail
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United Arab Emirates


I help multi-role playing women overcome overwhelm and a lack of confidence to regain calm control, increasing confidence and self love allowing you to balance a life you love.

Born and raised in Malawi, in the warm heart of Africa, I’m now based in Dubai. I’m a transformative mindset & relationship coach. Over the years, it has been my lowest pain points that have often left me stuck and unable to move forwards. By being coached myself, I was able to create momentum and transformation in my life. I want to pay it forward.

As a coach my passion is to connect you to your inner magic or power by discovering who you are and what you truly desire. The first true essence of any relationship is the one with yourself. If the foundations of the relationship with yourself are not set in stone, everything else will waver and tremble. I’m here to empower you within yourself to learn not to be overwhelmed with situations and emotions. My purpose is to help you dig deep and guide you to break free from the cocoon into the butterfly with your authentic, beautiful soul and live a life you love instead of one you just accept.


The beauty about coaching is that my experience does not matter. You are the expert in your life and as a coach I help you draw that out.

However, I am an experienced Jay Shetty Certified Transformative Mindset and Relationship Coach. Through the opportunities provided by the Jay Shetty Certification School I have and continue to coach people from different countries and walks of life. My purpose and passion is to serve and help you live a life you choose.

I am Communications Specialists, having focused the first part of my career in Public Relations. I am also a highly qualified English Teacher.

With my professional expertise, I bring my own life experiences with me, having dealt with my own trauma, grief and disappointments.

Area Of Expertise

Confidence, self worth, self love, balance

Working Hours

Weekdays and weekends- flexible


Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet/Hangouts

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