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Gail Sinclair

Empowerment Consultant



Empowerment Consultant

East Sussex, UK

Gail Sinclair

United Kingdom


Over a 40-year period in the past presently all of my work and life experience has been specific to both volunteering, employment and self-employment in working with a wide range of individuals and communities, in particular around the needs of Older People, Disabled People, Women, Young People, LGBTQ and BME Communities working in partnership with a range of service providers, where multiple deprivation has more often been evident.

During my time as Strategic Neighbourhood Manager I was able to draw upon many years of interventions to lead on health inequalities, working across a range of differing communities. I was given a unique and creative opportunity with enhanced permissions to work from the core of communities and carry the necessary and important messages from these communities and the elements required for system change to the policy strategic partnerships and government board rooms. Working alongside a range of stakeholder resident groups and service providers I facilitated the promotion of new ideas for an emerging shared vision with consensus, gained public and political support in recognising diversity and commitment from the City leadership in campaigning for change. As a well-established equalities outreach practitioner, I was ideally placed and familiar in promoting networking opportunities to enable disenfranchised groups to be truly empowerment. I utilised my range of teaching and learning methods to create opportunities to explore and recognise the need for genuine change and the necessary resources required to make this happen.

During my participatory interventions I created safe spaces whilst determining roles and responsibilities with stakeholders, identifying existing strengths alongside challenges that still needed to be addressed. I was very often in the role of a mediator where conflict resolution strategies were consistently utilised when constructively challenging top-down decision making and hierarchical structures that impact the policy recipient.

Rapport and trust were instilled across all sections and sectors to firmly remove the maintenance of the old systems i.e., public informed but not engaged whilst raising awareness of the range of options available during solution focused discussion groups and meetings. We explored and created respectful and meaningful debate that then lead to an increase in growing numbers and types of stakeholders. Within this leadership role I was able to engage communities that found services hard to access, drawn together to work in partnership on local issues that impacted their life and were relevant. We achieved an emerged consensus for change and collectively shed old components that no longer served either the end user or the provider. This transitional process promoted the emergence of new infrastructures and the prominence of new systems that disrupted health inequalities across all sectors. We were successful in our outcomes in the redesign and reconfiguration of organisational and community systems, communities that were now not just driven to survive but to thrive.

Empowering a range of individuals and organisations is a great passion of mine and my chosen purpose in life. As an Empowerment Consultant I have developed, planned, and implemented many development and training courses, community groups, individual 1-1 intervention and activities that empower others to reach and maximise their full purpose in all areas of daily life. Supporting others to embrace their work or home life is extremely rewarding for me as I am ideally positioned to elevate and transform lives. My unique and creative models, approaches and tools have been embraced by a range of services, individuals and families as I am able to adapt my interventions and initiatives in order to deliver a unique learning and transformational experience to meet the unique needs of specific groups/organisations i.e. Women/Girls, Disabled people and LGBTQ communities, health social care, public and private sector services. My approach in gaining rapport and trust is genuine and embedded in the rights, dignity and choices of the participants and I have built a longstanding reputation for getting the job done in a way that secures success for all concerned. My greatest strength and passion is delivering a range of purposeful group training interventions that empower and transform peoples abilities, skills knowledge and experiences, enabling them to embrace challenges with confidence and self-motivation.

My strategy in meeting any needs analysis is that it is holistic and consistent in promoting both the needs of the service users and their families alongside that of the organisation/s. Taking a sequential approach to assessing and the promotion of personnel needs in terms of daily living I will initially establish goals, aims and objectives, needs, wishes and motivations of others, whilst being aware of the range of options that are available. I feel it is important that interventions, methods, and resources used to deliver this support within a community or home environment are creative, unique, and varied in response to the individual's functional strengths and challenges.

Working as part of a team in the position of a leader has required commitment and team spirit, and I ensure that my interactions have incorporated a collective team approach, with the ability to contribute within all aspects of the team's roles and responsibilities. Very often I have had to work in isolation, responsible for organising my own work schedules whilst assisting others to achieve theirs, which in turn requires me to be self-motivated whilst using my own initiative.

Both negotiating and implementing the needs of others regarding maximising their independence and transformational needs has been consistent in all aspects of my practice. Equipping others with the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes relating to increased motivation and purpose has been an extremely rewarding aspect of my work, a process that has consisted of distinct stages (gathering information, analysing, and assessing information, planning and preparation of intervention, implementing intervention and evaluating outcomes).

I am fully and genuinely committed to all forms of equality and always work as a forward-thinking professional alongside a range of colleagues serving their communities and I strongly believe I have the necessary attributes to fulfil the range of needs of this post which requires promotion, motivation, purpose, commitment, determination, and belief in achievable change. Over the many years of supporting others, I feel extremely honoured and remain humble to have been nominated and to have received 5 awards for my empowerment initiatives.


Academic Record:

2017-2018 Thoughtitude: Accreditation in Neurolinguistics & Hypnotherapy
20012-20012 CEDAR Community Group Training for Facilitators
2009-2010 F.A.S.T Families and Schools Together Programme for


2007-2008 Accreditation in Facilitators Triple P Positive Parenting Programme Levels 1,2,3,4 & 5
2007 CEDAR Community Group Training for Facilitators :
2009-2010 F.A.S.T Families and Schools Together Programme for Facilitators:
2007-2008 Accreditation in Facilitators Triple P Positive Parenting Programme Levels 1,2,3,4 & 5
2007 Business Development. Planning, Marketing, & Finance: The Enterprise Agency Gatwick
2006 Business Mentor Partnership. S.M.E.D.A South East Minority Ethnic Business Development Agency
2006 Life Coaching. L.C.H Diploma : The Achievement Specialists London
2001 University of Leeds Postgraduate Certificate in Management in the Public and Voluntary Sectors
2001 - 2002 University College of Ripon & York St John Fieldwork Educators Course
1999 Chel Education Centre, Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate 7307 Stage 1
1993 1997 University College of Ripon & York St John, BHSC Social Sciences Occupational Therapy

Area Of Expertise

Transformational Empowerment

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 7am-9pm


Zoom, Skype, Telephone Call

Hourly Rate

£50 per hour

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