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Gamze Fackelmann

Entrepreneur Success and Productivity Coach



Entrepreneur Success and Productivity Coach

Online, Coaching Internationally, UK

Gamze Fackelmann

United Kingdom


I am a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur who learnt the value of time management and productivity by implementing and evaluating them one by one myself.

Working on several businesses with diverse marketing strategies and creative content outputs taught me how to best use the most limited of all resources - time - as effective and efficient as possible and not let any go to waste.

Leveraging your use of time to maximize potential is often neglected, especially in the early stages of entrepreneurship. This is one of the major contributors to stress, overwhelm and unrealized success.

I have a long history of juggling multiple things at the same time and I want to help other entrepreneurs get the most out of their life without burning out on their way to success.

I have always been doing "seven things at a time" which forced me to learn to use my time very consciously.

After finishing uni with several degrees, I was able to gather job experience with some of the big international players in the pharmaceutical and medical industry - but I quickly realized that a job would not be able to satisfy my varied interests and ambitions.

My first brand was an instant success and triggered my transformation from career woman to serial entrepreneur.

The challenges running multiple businesses provided extensive hands-on experience with different time management, productivity and efficiency techniques. My scientific mind helped me to evaluate them in detail and understand who and what situations they are most suitable for.

I want to share this first-hand experience and knowledge with as many people as possible and I leverage social media platforms like YouTube to reach as many people as possible. This has been rewarded by winning the international YouTube NextUp competition, by reaching millions of views and countless hours of watch time across my different channels.

Since there are no one-size-fits-all tools and techniques in this field, direct 1-to-1 coaching still proves to be the most effective way to make a massive impact on life, entrepreneurship and the bottom line of businesses, so I still make time to work directly with entrepreneurs who strive for success and want to get the most out of their lives.


Certified Coach (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)
Winner of international YouTube NextUp competition
Online Course Creator
Serial Entrepreneur
BSc in Molecular Biology & Genetics
MBA with a marketing focus
MSc in Cancer Biology

Area Of Expertise

Time Management, Productivity, Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship, Reduction of Stress and Overwhelm, Motivation, Passive Income Streams, Content Creation (YouTube, other social media)

Working Hours

9am - 5pm, Mon - Sat


Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet/Hangouts

Hourly Rate

£200 / $250

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